The majority of Elden Ring players visit the Academy soon after arriving in Liurnia, the area north of Limgrave's starting area. The journey to Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, is dangerous and filled with a few difficult boss and miniboss confrontations, but everyone is eager to meet her.

If you manage to overcome all the academy has thrown at you thus far, you still have to defeat Red Wolf of Radagon before the queen will grant you an audience.

Given his lightning-fast movement and high damage output, this enemy is quite difficult to defeat, but if you use the advice in the guidelines below, it shouldn't take you very long.


When should you fight the Red Wolf of Radagon in the Elden Ring?


Elden Ring begins with The Red Wolf of Radagon falling quite early on (we know it doesn't feel early, but it is). The Wolf is a mandatory boss even if it's not a demigod Shardbearer. To get to Rennala, who is a Shardbearer herself, at that area of the academy, you need just defeat it.

We advise entering the arena at character levels 40 to 45, especially with a weapon upgrade level +7 or +8, if you want to avoid having trouble with this particular encounter.


How to make the Elden Ring's Red Wolf of Radagon boss fight simple?


Radagon's Red Wolf is an aggressive boss that will put a test on your fast thinking. Nevertheless, it lacks tankiness and doesn't really have disengaging area-clearing strikes.

With the aid of a Spirit Ash summon, which you'll need if you're a ranged or magical player, you can keep it engaged. Whatever spirit you choose to call upon won't matter; all that matters is that they are around occasionally to divert the wolf's attention.


How to beat the Red Wolf of Radagon in the Elden Ring?


Your best chance of success will be to score powerful physical blows in whatever way you can because the Red Wolf of Radagon is immune to the majority of status effects. To deflect some of its blows, you can bring in a shield, especially if it has a high magic damage negation. Given how aggressively the boss pursues you in this fight, you should, nonetheless, focus on avoiding.

Battle strategies for the Red Wolf of Radagon

The Red Wolf of Radagon will continue to exert pressure, but at the conclusion of each significant maneuver, it leaves itself vulnerable. The fight will be over quickly if you can reliably land one or two hits after the boss has finished an attack chain.

The boss usually throws a magic dagger to start the battle. After the spell is cast, three of those (occasionally four) will start to move in your direction. To stop the tracking, simply roll into them or to the side.

The only other thing you need to watch out for besides the spells are the blade assaults. The Red Wolf of Radagon frequently summons an enormous orange blade into its mouth, which it uses in a variety of attacks.

The most typical involves the boss leaping into the air and lowering the blade. Just before it lands, you can easily avoid this by dodging. The more deadly blade attack variations include a long swing combo (two to three blows), which you should either block or dodge through, and a 360-degree swipe, which you should also avoid. The multi-hit swipes also allow you to jump the first hit because they land low.

It's usually preferable to hold off on attacking until the wolf completes the chain. This boss does not pause its strikes or vary them in ways that are unexpected, unlike most of the others in Elden Ring. All of this makes it simple to spot openings and score from a position of relative safety.

The boss will occasionally lunge at you and attempt to bash you with its head while it is not using the blade or throwing spells. Although these attacks are the fastest in its arsenal, they only deliver moderate damage.