Field boss named Scaly Misbegotten can be found in Morne Tunnel in Elden Ring. The Misbegotten monsters that you encounter in Morne Tunnel and Castle Morne to the south of Weeping Peninsula have been upgraded into this form. The boss is rather vulnerable and gets hit by most affinities. The battle will be simple, and you can call on allies to aid you.

The boss has good reach and sluggish yet powerful attacks. You can learn the boss's pattern by defeating him, which can benefit you later in the game. You can learn all about Scaly Misbegotten by reading this.


Overview of the Scaly Misbegotten boss


In Weeping Peninsula's Morne Tunnel, you can find Scaly Misbegotten. The battle is totally optional, and choosing not to engage in it has no bearing on the game's overall conclusion. There won't be any summonable NPCs for this battle save from Spirit Ashes and online gamers. You can obtain the Rusted Anchor weapon, a great heavy weapon in the beginning of the game, and 2,000 Runes by defeating the fight.


Scaly Misbegotten Attacks in the Elden Ring


Scaly Misbegotten boss has few attacks, and they are all slow and easy to avoid.



Melee strategy


You need to lure out its powerful slash attacks if you're going for the ranged approach. They move slowly, so it's simple to avoid them and use a few hits to defeat them. If your shield is strong, aim to deflect the majority of its blows so you can perform Guard Counter. The boss will take damage from Guard Counter, which also targets the boss's composure. A few successful Guard Counters will cause it to lose its composure, allowing a critical hit to deal enormous damage.


For this fight, you can grease your weapon with fire grease because the monster is incredibly vulnerable to fire damage. Your weapon's fire damage will completely destroy the boss' health bar.


Ranged strategy


Using incantation on the boss is the player. You can summon any Spirit Ashes you currently have for the ranged tactic. A pretty fantastic alternative is the Lone Wolf Ashes you receive in the beginning. While you throw spells from a distance, the boss can be lured by the three wolves. Users of Faith builds will be pleased to learn that any Fire abilities they possess are advantageous in this battle. In the event that you come across this later and have enough spells, lightning spells are also beneficial. Swift Glintstone Shard is a fast-casting sorcery spell that can quickly deplete the monster' health bar.