You will find a boss at the foot of almost every Minor Erdtree in Elden Ring. This boss drops a variety of valuable items to boost your power, most of which have to do with new combos to try for your Flask of Wondrous Physick. Erdtree Avatars keep watch over these Erdtrees all the way from the Weeping Peninsula to Liurnia of the Lakes. However, the Minor Erdtree in the Altus Plateau has something very different in store for you.


The Wormface stood up while hunched over and shrouded, revealing its unusual height. We are going to walk you through every step of how to take down the Wormface using his ability to spew Death Blight.


Overview of the Wormface boss


Lesser Wormfaces may be found in abundance throughout the forests of the Altus Plateau, but as you get closer to the Minor Erdtree in the middle, you'll find one that is larger than the most. It's interesting to note that in the base of all other Minor Erdtrees, you'll typically either find Erdtree Avatars or Putrid Avatars, but not in this one.


It is preferable to equip yourself with a Bleed weapon that is upgraded to a +4 or above and your chosen Spirit Ashes scaled up to a +4 due to your vulnerability to both physical and bleed attacks. For sorcerers, powerful physical damage-dealing spells are typically effective.


Attacks of Wormface


To release torrents of Death Blight, The Wormface mostly uses its eldritch-like face, which is made up of a thousand wiggling worms. Additionally, it occasionally employs a charge strike and a grab assault that are both destructive. The boss Wormface's complete list of attacks is provided below.


Battle Strategies


There are two different approaches to taking down Wormface. When facing head-to-head with this boss, ranged fighters may have a little advantage over melee fighters because dealing with its Death Blight assault is the main challenge.


Melee strategy


It is advised that melee fighters summon Torrent and engage in this battle atop a horse. When it launches its Death Blight attack, you'll need to make a rapid exit as well as galloping close to it and striking it briefly before backing away to dodge its foot stomps and body slams. It is prone to bleeding, thus equip bleed-resistant weapons like a Bloodhound's Fang that has been given a +4 upgrade, Blood Grease, or a Bloody Slash Ash of War.


You can conjure some assistance to aid you in this battle, such as the Kaiden Sellsword or Lone Wolves with a +5 upgrade. Wormface may easily be defeated by Spirit Ashes that have received more upgrades than the latter.


Ranged Strategy


When it comes to sorcerer builds, it is advised to choose spells that deal physical and frenzy damage to beat Wormface. This boss will be easily defeated by spells like Loretta's Greatbow, Glintstone Pebble, or Greater Glintstone Shard. It is also advised to summon the same Spirit Ashes as for melee combatants.


Use Opaline Bubbletear to increase your defensive strength if you're moving on foot. When Torrent fires its AoE attack, keep Torrent's whistle nearby as well as a healing spell in case you weren't able to avoid it in time.