In the Elden Ring game, one of those tasks that is particularly challenging to complete without a clear plan of action is finding Three Fingers' location. The famous character is alluded to by a number of NPCs and even in certain story trailers, but getting there is incredibly challenging.


The Three Fingers are one of the game's most enigmatic characters and a key component of the Elden Ring's Frenzied Flame Lord ending, so they are important to uncover.


Since it can be challenging to know where to go, we've provided all the information you require to locate Three Fingers and appreciate their tender grip before going crazy.


In need of guidance? We can assist you with our Elden Ring walkthrough, Grace site locations, and important bosses in the order pages.


What three fingers make up the Elden Ring?


Many people in the Elden Ring adhere to the Two Fingers, which is the antithesis of the Three Fingers. Instead of embracing the manner of life that the Erdtree has prescribed, they prefer disorder.


The frenzy status effect, which can deal significant damage, is frequently imposed by a number of spells and objects associated with them. They are a terrifying legendary character from Elden Ring, but locating them is crucial to understanding one of the game's possible endings.


Where to find the three fingers?


The three fingers are located beneath Leyndell's capital. It's mentioned by a few characters in passing, and while you may assume they mean deep underground, they actually imply an entry close to the capital's sewers.


Finding the capital's well with the staircase that descends is the first step to discovering all three fingers of the Elden Ring. It is surrounded by ash and has adversaries crawling close by. For a position on the map, you can look at these photographs since it's simple to miss until you search the area thoroughly.



Before completing this section of the quest and defeating the fire giant, the entryway is shown in the image above. However, if you have already done so, you can still proceed down this route, although the entry now appears below and is much simpler to find:



You've arrived at the Underground Escape Lands. This region of the sewers is teeming with rats, slime, imps, and a few more unpleasant foes. You'll have to make your way slowly through the dungeon, frequently via pipes barely taller than you, until you ultimately find yourself on an elevator that lowers even farther into the world.



Take Grace's site and then proceed to the Cathedral of the Forsaken, where you can face a variation of Mohg known as Mohg, the Omen. It's a difficult battle against an aggressive boss who employs blood flame spells to inflict bleeding status strikes on you.


We recommend employing a strong Spirit Summon and keeping your Stamina at a high level. Continue to move, employ forceful attacks, and avoid pools of blood fire, and you'll finally vanquish Mohg, the Omen.


What should you do after defeating Mohg, the Omen?


After you've fought this formidable foe, open the chest in the area and walk closer to the pedestal behind it. Surprisingly, the pedestal will now sink into the earth, allowing you to begin what may be the most frustrating element of this journey thus far: a platforming task.



There are a few options here, and we recommend using goods to aid lessen fall damage (such as soft cotton) if you have them, as they can occasionally be useful. When you reach the bottom, you'll find yourself plummeting into a new location.


After deciding on a starting class and a starting memento item, you'll need to learn how to level up, respect, and use Ashes of War. Do you require guidance from there? Look for Golden Seeds, Holy Tears, Crystal Tears, Talismans, and our best early weapon and armor options. We can assist you with the Haligtree Secret Medallion locations, the Millicent quest, and fighting the toughest bosses such as Commander Niall, Morgott, Godskin Duo, Maliketh, and Malenia if you're nearing the ending of the game.


What should you do at the Frenziied Flame Proscription?


The good news is that there are no horrible bosses in this location. Instead, you'll be standing on top of a heap of rubble. Grab Grace's site here, and then make sure you're 100% dedicated to succumbing to the flames of fury.


Remove all of your clothing and weapons before proceeding to the eerie door at the end of the hall. All you have to do now is open the door and you'll be treated to a disturbing cutscene.



Congratulations, you have discovered and been marked by the Three Fingers in the Elden Ring. All that remains is for you to continue playing the game.


This locks you into the Frenzied Flame Lord ending unless you defeat Malenia - so be absolutely certain you want this before proceeding, as Malenia is without a doubt one of the most difficult bosses in the game.