The Elden Ring Maps provide players with a layout and a guide for each location in the game. This can assist players in successfully finding their way around a particular area in the game.


Players may find areas, bosses, equipment, items, and more with the help of maps. In the meantime, they are provided with area progression and level recommendations.




Map Fragments & Markers


You start off with a map that is incomplete, but as you collect map fragments, you can gradually finish it off. In close proximity to a stele, map pieces were discovered. The location of stelae is shown on the map that has not been investigated, and in most cases, getting to them is not difficult because they are not too distant from the major roadways. You are allowed to place up to one hundred individual marks on your map.


Beacons & Orientation


When the game world is so big and expansive, orientation is of the utmost importance, and Elden Rings provides Beacons as a solution to the game mechanic of needing to constantly look at the map. The player will have the ability to install Beacons anywhere on the map by using the Map. Once placed, the Beacons will display on the world and can be viewed from a great distance without the user needing to check the map.