The War-Dead Catacombs is identified as one of Elden Ring Locations. Players can come to Wailing Dunes in East Caelid to find it. After having defeated Starscourge Radahn, the location is in the far northern corner of the area. 


After fighting Radahn at the site of grace, head north until you reach the area's topmost corner. There, you will discover a little entrance built into the cliffside.


War-Dead Catacombs Location


You can find the War Dead Catacombs within the Boss Arena. 


War-Dead Catacombs NPCs and Merchants 


No NPCs and Merchants is found in this Location.


War-Dead Catacombs Walkthrough


Upon entering the War-Dead catacombs, you will be required to descend a stairway in order to reach the location of grace. After you have interacted with it, proceed further down the stars and to the left to reach a spacious open area. A troop of ethereal warriors are engaged in combat with one another inside. Because these foes will keep fighting and will respawn in a relatively short amount of time after they are killed, this area is an excellent choice for harvesting runes.


You will locate the road that goes to the boss door, which is locked, if you continue to head past the gang that is fighting. Find the lever by going into the chamber with the fighting troops from the site of grace, running past them, and making a right turn at the set of stairs close to the doorway that leads out of the room. This will lead you to the lever. Continue in that direction, and then take the next left turn to avoid being shot by an opposing archer. After that, proceed in the same direction for as far as that path will take you.


A wider open chamber with a chair and some stuff to gather may be found at the end of this trail. Immediately prior to entering this chamber, take a right turn and leap out of the window onto a ledge that is located in a vast room that contains a statue. Keep moving forward along this level until you reach another window. The archer you saw earlier will be waiting right outside this window. You can either kill the foe or get around them by jumping out of the way; the lever will be on the left.