Below will be the quest route presented as the game progresses. Specifically, you will kill Boss A and explore Area B instead of solving all NPC quests at once. That both makes you lose time and easily miss the quest.


White-Faced Varré

This is the first NPC that the player will encounter upon exiting Hero Grave early in the game. It is recommended to talk to this character since the quest for White-Faced Varré will only begin after you defeat Godrick and reach Liurnia the Lake. The location is at Fringefolk Hero's Grave.

Merchant Kale

As a merchant, Kalé has a close relationship with Blaidd, another NPC who also plays an important role in Ranni's questlines. This NPC is found in the Church of Elleh  in Limgrave, north of the Site of Grace first encountered by the player after exiting Fringefolk Hero's Grave.


When you stay at any of the Lost Graces that are found next after the Church of Elleh, you'll find her and Melina's vital role is beyond debate. Melina acts as a guide throughout the game's plot.

Witch Renna

After meeting Melina, the player should pass the time to the night and fast travel back to the Church of Elleh to meet Ranni. At that time Ranni will give you a Lone Wolf Ashes, Magi or Skeletons. Renna will leave after teaching you how to summon spirits.

Boc the Seamster

As you approach Limgrave's binocular area, you'll hear a voice in the nearby trees. Notice the tree of different color. Roll or use attack to see a Demi-Human appear. Boc will tell you that he was robbed of his lair by another horde of Demi-Humans.

They brought Boc out here and magically turned into a tree. Going west of Limgrave, you will find Boc's cave, Coastal Cave. Go in to clear all Demi-Humans and go talk to Boc and give him back the needle.


You will meet Roderika at the Stormhill Shack. Talk to the end of the conversation with Roderika and you will receive Ashes Spirit Jelleyfish. In addition, she will also ask you to find her friend's whereabouts in Stormveil castle. However, what you find is just an item called Chrysalids' Memento.


Go back to Stormhill Shack and give it to Roderika before hitting Godrick to suggest her to Roundtable to be the one to help me upgrade Spirits. To activate her ability, you must talk to the blacksmith, then continue talking to Roderika.

Bloody Finger Hunter Yura

You can find this NPC around the area of ​​Site Grace: Seaside Ruins. Talk to Yura and he will warn you about the dragon in the nearby swamp. Go to Murkwater Cave, he will help you beat an Invader guy nearby.

After killing, go up 1 block to talk to Yura. Yura's quest in Limgrave only ends here. If you complete his quest, you will get the Nagakiba and Yura's outfit. In addition, you will have 1 more Bloody Twinblade tree.


After talking with Yura, you continue to explore the nearby Murkwater Cave. When you see Patches again, be sure to lightly hit his hand with about half a stick of blood. He will then beg for living and ask you to come back later so he can prepare the atonement.

Reloading the map and opening the crate behind Patches will take you straight to the bear forest. Find your way back to Patches, he will continue to beg for his life. Patches' quest in Limgrave is here. You cannot summon Ashes Spirit for this Boss.

Iron Fist Alexander

Surely, this character is no stranger to being featured in From's Gameplay trailer before. You can find him at Agheel Lake North Checkpoint. Get Alexander out of the pit and he'll say he's on his way to Radahn's Festival. Then you make your way up to the Gael Tunnel.

This vault has a Boss that takes the Katana Moonveil. You should go to the other end of the Tunnel on Caelic's side and open the door for him. That finished Alexander's quest in Limgrave. You should complete Alexander's quest because he will help you in the battle with the giants later.

D, Hunter of The Dead

From where Alexander goes east across the bridge you will meet this NPC. D will reveal to you that the village ahead is haunted and you need to go back. Of course you will not listen to him and go deal with the boatman and go back to talk to D. He will show you a Teleport portal.

This portal will lead directly to the Beast Clergymen, trade The Root of Death for some Faith spells. The quest with D in Limgrave only ends here. You may not see D here. Later in the Roundtable Hold you will meet D and D will also guide you to find the Root of Death for the Clergymen.

Kenneth Haight

This is a crook, beggar of the past. Kenneth is pushed into the street by Godrick's soldiers after they take Fort Haight. You can find him near the checkpoint: Mistwood Outskirts. He will ask you to clean up all the soldiers with the promise of kingship for you.

It's not necessarily nothing because you can find AoW: Bloodslash here. After clearing the fort, go back and notify Kenneth. Come here, he will promise to give you the title. Fast Travel to Fort Haight to hear his promise.


As you pass the Ruins Mistwood, you will hear Blaidd howl. Go back and ask Kalé about the howl, and you'll get a Gesture snap. Return to Blaidd, use that Gesture and Blaidd will jump down to talk to you and tell you that he is tracking a traitor named Darriwil.

To complete Blaidd's quest in Limgrave, just go and kill the boss in Forlorn Hound Evergaol. After killing, Blaidd will appear there to continue the conversation. Blaidd will tell you to find a giant blacksmith named Iji.

War Counselor Iji whom I first met as Smithing Master Iji is a gentle giant in charge of training the Carian royal family, but will also provide his services to the player. Iji will sell you a Talisman that reduces FP every time you use a spell or skill which is quite useful.

Sorcerer Rogier

You will meet Rogier in Stormveil Castle. From the Rampart Tower checkpoint, go out the door towards the eagles, then follow the roof path, turn right, jump down to meet Rogier. Rogier's Quest will be unlocked after you kill the Treeworm boss at the bottom of Stormveil Castle.

After killing this boss, you get close to the face will see a bloodstain, choose to interact with it and will see the memory of Rogier's death. Return to the Roundtable to ask Rogier about the strange face, he will tell you it is the face of Godwyn the Golden, the first Demigod to be slain. That was the event that led to the shattering of the Elden Ring and he was killed by a Black Knife.

After that, you go to Fia, talk to her and there will be an option to talk about Black Knifeprint along with a clue that will lead you to the Black Knife Catacombs. Rogier's quest in Limgrave before killing Godrick stops here.

Nepheli Loux

This powerful girl also has a side quest and is also the one who shows us a part of Gideon's plan. You will find Nepheli in the room next to the tree with the Golden Seed in Stormveil castle while she is talking to the corpse of a Knight.

Talk to Nepheli so that when she meets you at Roundtable, she will give you an Arsenal Charm that increases Equip Load and better understand the story of the game. Nepheli Loux's father is Gideon Ofnir, leader of The Roundtable Hold, often found in the library.


Blind girl wants to believe her father. The poorest Elden Ring plot is probably Irina. She sat alone by the roadside near Site of Grace: Bridge of Sacrifice. She asked us to deliver the letter to her father, Edgar, who is guarding the walls of Castle Morne in the southern part of the map. Go to Castle Morne, give the letter to Edgar.

Then you go down to kill the Boss here and go back to talk to Edgar. He will say that he will return to reunite with Irina and take care of his daughter. But unexpectedly, she was murdered by bandits. You will find Edgar kneeling next to Irina's corpse with a promise to kill all those who caused this. Irina's quest ends here and you will meet Edgar again in another quest by another NPC.

Sorceress Sellen

You can find Sellen at Waypoint Ruins. Currently, Sellen's quest is not active and talking to her will only help you learn Glintstone spells. However, it is still an important NPC for those who play Mage.

Knight Bernahl

This is just a Merchant that sells Ash of War, later there is a quest for Volcanor. However, there is a hidden event here that at night you will not see Bernahl but instead a boss named Bear Bellring Hunter. Kill the Boss, you will get 1 Bear Bellring.

Gatekeeper Gostoc

This slave is a rather sinister man. He had a fear for Godrick and after Godrick died he was overjoyed and trampled on Godrick's corpse day after day. It was the guy who followed behind to steal runes every time you died.

It was he who locked the door and locked you with the Knight. From Check Point Stormveil Cliffside going back you will see Gostoc peeking out on a rocky snout. These are pretty much all the quests you have to do while in Limgrave and before fighting Godrick the Grafted.