In the Elden Ring, the Death Rite Bird is a Field Boss. The game's boss is not necessary for any of the game's endings and is only optional. To fight the boss, one must switch the time of day to night in order for a Death Bird to spawn. One of the game's simpler bosses is the Death Bird. Death Rite Birds, though, are unique.


They can cause conditions like Frostbite and Death Blight, have a different move set, and deal greater damage. You can revisit the boss at any point during the game because it is optional. Here is everything you need to know to combat Death Rite Bird.


Overview of the Death Rite Bird 


There are four Death Rite Birds, scattered around, and they only emerge at night. The boss battle is optional, and you can return to them at a later time. As these are Field bosses, there are no summonable NPCs for the battle. When the Death Rite Birds are nearby opponents, they may occasionally join the battle. Make sure the environment is free of obstacles before tackling the boss to prevent this.


The boss has a high resistance to lightning damage and is immune to the majority of status effects. You can employ a melee weapon or a sorcery if you're a magic user after defeating each boss.


Death Rite Bird Attacks


Death Rite Bird features a number of brand-new attacks in comparison to Death Birds. Death Roar and Black Flame Rain are the assaults to be on the lookout for.


Melee Strategy


The melee strategy relies entirely on placement. You can avoid the majority of the boss's strikes if you can keep the boss below you the entire battle. It does have a couple attacks that it will use to get away from you, such as the Black Flame Rain and the Jumping Smash. Your finest weapon in this battle is an arsenal that deals excellent Strike damage. The boss is extremely vulnerable to attack damage. The boss is additionally vulnerable to Holy strikes. This enables the user to employ Faith weapons like the Golden Order Greatsword and the Coded Sword.


Try to hit the boss with as many Jumping Heavy attacks as you can. The boss's composure will break considerably more quickly if you use a greatsword, providing you the chance for a free critical hit that deals enormous damage. If you frequently find yourself too close to the Death Roar during this assault, you can use Order Healing (Incantation) to reduce the buildup of Death Blight.


Mounted Strategy


You have the option of using distant or melee combat when using a mounted tactic. If you choose melee, you can make Torrent stay with the boss while you fight and concentrate on dodging or evading the majority of the boss's attacks. You can rapidly get behind the boss by dashing on the mount, allowing you to continue attacking the enemy without being concerned about being attacked.


Ranged Approach


Use potent sorceries to reduce the boss' health bar when using the ranged attack technique. The best option is Rock Sling because it deals significant damage and disrupts composure, enabling you to land a critical strike. You can use Rotten Breath or Ekzykes' Decay to inflict Scarlet Rot on the boss because it is not immune to it. By doing this, you'll be able to avoid the boss while its health meter slowly depletes.


If you wish to call a Spirit Ash, Black Knife Tiche is a good choice. She is able to approach the boss and quickly leave to escape assaults. She also deals a lot of damage, so the boss can concentrate on her while you repeatedly use Rock Sling. By defeating Alecto, the Black Knife Ringleader, in the Ringleader's Evergaol in southwest Liurnia, you can obtain her Spirit Ashes. Bring Cerulean Hidden Tear with you to prevent the use of FP for the following 10 seconds.