Elden Ring offers fantastic places to go rune-farming, allowing you to level up more quickly, much like in all Soulsbourne games. However, there is one monster in particular located in the game's most difficult sector that proves to be an unusual and dangerous location to accumulate a ton of runes.

You may have heard about the enormous sleeping dragon that may challenge Drogon from Game of Thrones. Elder Dragon Greyoll has shown to be another victim of the Scarlet Rot, just like any other resident of the Caelid region, and may be found at Greyoll's Dragonbarrow in the easternmost edge of the Caelid Wilds, close to Fort Faroth Site of Grace. Here's how to get rid of it and obtain close to 80,000 runes.


Overview of the Elder Dragon Greyoll


In the Soulsborne series, Elder Dragon Greyoll is the dragons' Empress. Elder Dragon Greyoll is the epitome of a tank; her flying powers may have been lost to Scarlet Rot, but her offspring are still here to defend their mother. If you don't want to deal with Greyoll's deadly offspring, even hitting her requires time and patience. As a result, you might need to return with a weapon that is maxed out or has the ability to do Bleed damage.


Elder Dragon Greyoll Attacks


As was previously mentioned, Greyoll is not completely defenseless merely because she can no longer fly. Even while she is unable to release dragonfire, she can still make little movements with her head and wings and summon her young to defend her. We'll give you a thorough rundown of Greyoll's assaults.


Battle Strategies of Elder Dragon Greyoll


If you're using melee or sorcery, there are two ways to approach this battle. You can kill her young, which, once done, will also instantly kill Greyoll. Alternately, you might go cautiously and slowly by using a weapon that deals Bleed damage to strike Greyoll.


Melee Strategy


If you tend to melee, possessing a Bleed weapon or smearing blood grease on your weapon will literally make this fight easier for you. Place yourself on Greyoll's left side so that you can see two of her young dragons on the other side. On horseback or on foot, you can do this by the midpoint of her tail. You can kill Greyoll without coming into contact with the young dragons because your Bleed weapon will gradually but significantly result in severe blood loss.

If you prefer to fight the baby dragons, utilize a shield and make sure your weapon is fully charged or nearly so. With the aid of a Mimic Tear summon or any other Spirit Ash summon you have upgraded to +7, they'll be simple to put an end to.


Ranged Strategy


Blood loss spells like Swarm of Flies would be excellent if you are primarily playing as a sorcerer build and solely want to focus on Greyoll. But aside from that, Greyoll is resistant to almost all assaults.

It is recommended to summon your Mimic Tear as backup for the newborn dragons. Attacks should be swiftly neutralized by pulling out Comet Azur or Rock Sling. For ranged combatants, you can even employ weapons like the Moonveil Katana, Rivers of Blood, or Reduvia daggers.