The more you go in The Lands Between, the more spectacular and difficult bosses Elden Ring adds to the game, with some being a little trickier to kill than others. The huge terrain of the game is littered with underground catacombs and entrances to difficult-to-find caves that contain bosses you've never seen. The Necromancer Garris is one of them.

The flail-wielding Necromancer Garris acts more as a hostile NPC than a boss, but make no mistake - he hits hard. He also has a snail built out of a skull that wheels around as support. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to quickly and effectively take down Necromancer Garris. 


Necromancer Garris Overview


The Seethewater River Site of Grace is the nearest Site of Grace to Sage's Cave, which is situated in the western portion of the Altus Plateau. Interestingly, Sage's Cave has two bosses: a Black Knife Assassin and Necromancer Garris. Garris is through a fog wall and behind a secret wall.

Spirit Ashes are accessible for this boss, but other players are unable to assist. Despite being referred to as a necromancer, Garris mostly engages in melee combat with his flail, with the assistance of a rolling, damaging skeleton snail. For this fight, utilizing a heavy weapon (such a Greatsword) against Garris is very effective and easily knocks him out. A weapon that may cause bleeding is also advised because it will make the fight end much more quickly.


Necromancer Garris Attacks


As previously stated, Necromancer Garris will mostly attack you with his flail. He is supported by a skeletal snail lackey, although despite its obtrusive appearance, it is fairly simple to vanquish. Without further ado, here is Garris' whole arsenal of assaults.


Battle Strategies of Necromancer Garris


You could use one of two distinct warfare tactics to eliminate Garris and his horde of skeleton snails. If your weapon is not appropriately leveled or upgraded for your stats and Spirit Ashes, you risk being outmatched in this battle.

As previously indicated, melee builds may discover that heavy weapons with a Bleed effect are ideal for the job. Use sorceries or incantations that can cause fire damage or physical damage if you're using a caster build.


Melee strategy


Arming yourself with heavy weapons like a greatsword is advised for melee combat because Necromancer Garris is especially vulnerable to being stunned due to his weak defensive qualities. It definitely won't hurt to summon Spirit Ashes like Lhutel the Headless or Kaiden Mercenary that have been upgraded to at least a +4 since they're fairly tanky since Garris gets some backup in the form of the skeletal snails he summons throughout the fight.

If your weapon doesn't already have a passive Bleed effect, you can equip Ashes of War like Seppuku or Bloody Slash that deliver Bleed damage. Prepare an additional Cerulean Tear Flask to recharge since Moonveil Katana's Transient Moonlight talent is highly effective against Garris. Additionally, since you need to be close to deal damage, utilizing Opaline Bubbletear wouldn't hurt.


Ranged strategy


Any magic that deals physical damage is beneficial for ranged combatants. If you don't have the former, you should use fire-type spells instead. For example, employing sorceries like Night Comet, Greater Glintstone Shard, or Roiling Magma is advised because they really hurt Garris.