Crystalians who are humanoids opponents made of crystals are Bosses in Elden Ring. They have different weapon configurations and are found in different locations but their share is the tough crystal bodies. Players are not forced to beat these bosses to progress in Elden Ring as they are optional. Crystalians are also Field bosses.


This boss's typical foe is a Lesser Crystalian. The Crystalian Ashes can be used to call upon the spirit of a Crystalian for assistance in combat.


Academy Crystal Cave, Altus Tunnel and Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel Sites of Grace are the closest Site of Grace to Crystalians.


This boss allows multiplayer and you can summon Spirit ashes for them.


Elden Ring Crystalians Location


Players can encounter Crystalians in the following locations:


Academy Crystal Cave

Altus Tunnel

Raya Lucaria Crystal Cave

Sellia Hideaway


Additionally, non-boss variants of Crystalians can be also met in various locations:


Moonlight Altar

Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree