Commander Niall is among the hardest bosses in Elden Ring. You can find this boss on Castle Sol's roof. He guards a Haligtree Medallion piece needed to access an optional location. Those seeking a true test of their skills and completionists value him.


Commander Niall, like Commander O'Neil, will summon more enemies to fight you. Commander Niall's two knight summons are even more hostile and require many hits. Because the battle is in a small area, you have little room to flee and heal, which is especially difficult because Commander Niall is following you and hitting you with sweeping attacks.


Commander Niall can be defeated with patience, adept movement, and clever positioning, but the fight can feel random at times. 


Use Bewitching Branches to Charm Commander Niall's Spectral Knights


Bewitching Branch is a skill that can be used to enchant Commander Niall's spectral knights into turning on and attacking their master. You'll gain movement space and damage by doing this. Having them fight for you doesn't prevent you from summoning Spirit Ashes; the Mimic Tear is a good choice.


Now that the knights are on your side and your Spirit Ash is wreaking havoc on Commander Niall, you can focus on dealing him as much damage as possible. Stay back and use sorcery, incantations, arrows, or throwing knives to help your allies. Due to his wide-ranging attacks. If you take this defensive stance, watch out for his jumping lightning kick and roll before stepping back.


How to Obtain Bewitching Branches


Getting Bewitching Branches is easy. The Nomadic Merchant in Liurnia of the Lakes sells five for 1,600 runes each. The Bellum Church is nearby. If those aren't enough, you'll have to make your own.


You can get Fevor's Cookbook from Gideon Ofnir in Roundtable Hold after visiting Mohgwyn's Dynasty Mausoleum. To make a Bewitching Branch, you'll need one Sacramental Bud and one Miquella's Lily.


Sacramental Bud is found near the Church of the Plague in eastern Caelid. Unlike most crafting materials, it doesn't respawn, so don't expect an endless supply.


Miquella's Lily, like Sacramental Bud, is hidden throughout the Lands Between, but it does not respawn when the player rests. Due to its scarcity, you should harvest Miquella's Lily from common Soldier foes in Leyndell, Capital City.