Builds for Elden Ring are created by players to help them achieve their objectives in battle and exploration. They are a combination to create Stats, Weapons, Armor, and more. Each Elden Ring build is unique with a different approach based on the user's playstyle.


Rebirth can help alter Elden Ring Builds and allow players to Restore their characters. Defeating Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon will unlock this function.


Builds are an important aspect of Elden Ring's replay value. Having a good build is vital to success in both PvE, Boss fights, and PvP encounters with other players.


Elden Ring Strength Build


If the player is merely aiming for a pure strength character, this build is the ideal choice. The three main stats needed are Vigor, Endurance and Strength.


Health and stamina are required for the character to be able to wear heavy armor and fight tanks. Also, wielding the weapon will increase its effective strength by 50%, so there is 66 Strength that gives 99 strength whenever wielding a weapon this way. This gives the character incredible damage, ready to destroy any enemy or player encountered. Those who wear light armor and don't have much health left are more at risk.


Elden Ring Dexterity Build


Samurai or Vagabond are the best choice to create a nimble character because they inherently have Dexterity as well as outstanding physical stats compared to other Elden Ring classes. Players will then want to upgrade their stamina as well as dexterity to make the character capable of maximum damage in melee combat. The required stats then include Vigor, Endurance and Dexterity.


As a skillful character, the player will be one of the few non-magical character classes that can fight at effective range.


However, this type of character is also vulnerable to heavy damage when hit by critical hits, a shield like Buckler is needed at that time.


Elden Ring Intelligence Build


If the character type is aimed at being a purely magical mage, it should be heavily invested in Intelligence. It boosts magic damage and lets players use more powerful spells.


In addition, the Mind stat also needs to be upgraded to have more Focus Points, helping you to use your magic.


The character will need a high amount of health since it is not possible to wear very heavy armor as a pure Intelligence character, so the Vigor stat should also be considered.


In addition to spells, weapons with an Intelligence ratio are also a good idea to engage in a melee fight. Players in the Elden Ring can also use Ashes of War to change the ratio of an already existing weapon. However, the characters need to ensure minimum Strength and Dexterity to use those weapons.


Elden Ring Faith Build


The starting class to choose is Prophet.


If you want to use incantations instead of sorceries, you should build a character with Faith. It's basically the same way Intelligence builds but uses Faith instead.


It will be necessary to put a few levels into Dexterity to speed it up. 39 Vigor is needed to help the character survive longer.


Leveling Faith up to 60 makes healing spells more effective while also making attack spells deal more damage.


Sacred Seal catalyst and Faith Weapon are weapon needed.