In the Elden Ring, Level represents your character's collective attributes and abilities. The player can increase 8 attributes by using Runes. Each attribute point raised means the player's overall level will increase.


Ways To Level Up In Elden Ring


You are maidenless until you encounter Melina. You will play as a maiden after her suggestion, Melina also begs you to collect Runes for the purpose of converting them into power. Making a deal with her allows you to Elden Ring max level up at any available Site of Grace.


You will have to spend more Runes if you upgrade. Defeating enemies, Bosses, and exploring the Lands Between are ways you can get more Runes. Dying will cause you to drop all runes in possession, but you can get them back by returning to where you died. Note that if you let yourself die before getting your lost runes back, you'll never get them back.


Suppose you use a rune to raise an attribute. In that case, its effect is is reflected blue or red values, increase and decrease respectively, in the Base Stats, Attack Power, Defense Power, or Body categories.


Defense stats also increase as your level increases, along with the bonuses provided.


Use Physical Defense, Magic Defense, Fire Defense, Lightning Defense, Holy Defense.