Elden Ring includes an Upgrade Material denoted by the Smithing Stone 7 designation. Forging higher-tiered equipment requires the usage of more uncommon and unusual forms of the smithing stones, and one of the rarest of these forms is Smithing Stone 7. Upgrade Materials can be obtained through exploration, looting it from particular parts of a Location, receiving it as a drop from a particular foe or boss, having it provided to you by an NPC, or purchasing it from a Merchant.




Elden Ring Smithing Stone Location


Players can find Elden Ring Smithing Stone in the following location:


After collecting the Smithing-Stone Miner's Bell Bearing, which can be done by looting the Godskin Duo in Crumbling Farum Azula, this item can be purchased from the Twin Maiden Husks in the Roundtable Hold for a price of 2400 Runes.




Players will be able to leap onto a rock formation that contains multiple dead bodies strewn about and propped up on chairs if they use the Spirit Spring that is situated to the north of the Church of the Plague. Two of them had Smithing Stones [7] in their possession.


Sellia Crystal Tunnel


After completing the game and slaying the Fallingstar Beast, the player will receive 5 stones.


Mountaintops of the Giants


  • Three copies can be found on a dead body that is seated in a chair on a little ridge to the east of the First Church of Marika Grace.


  • There is a statue in the West Consecrated Snowfield that can be broken to reveal x3 Smithing Stone (7) and another Smithing Stone (8). It can be broken with the help of a bear that is located upward and to the east of here.


  • 3x Discovered within a statue that had a shining crack on the western side of the frozen lake, which was at the bottom of the lake. To obtain the item, you must first get one of the Golems that are nearby to demolish the statue.


  • 3x Can be found tucked away inside a statue in the northwestern part of Consecrated Snowfield, just to the north of the entrance that leads to Mohgwyn Palace. Get a runebear that is nearby and asleep to destroy the statue so you can acquire the item.


  • Imps, who reside in the Giant Mountaintop Catacombs and the Giant-Conquering Hero's Grave, are the source of this item.


Castle Sol


It is possible to find 3x on a dead body that is located inside of a structure that is infested with rats. You can get into this building by ascending the ladder that is located behind the church that is located in the southeast and then following the walkway that is located along the outside walls. The structure contains a gap on the roof through which it is possible to access the roof by jumping.


Guardian's Garrison


You can loot 1x by going to the higher ramparts of the fort and going past the Flame Guardian that is located at the end of the upper walkway.


Grand Cloister


One of the dead bodies that may be located close to the base of the waterfall contains a 1x. When you approach the items, a Putrid Tree Spirit that is not the monster will ambush you from below them. Before attempting to take an object, it is recommended that you first try to avoid the wide-ranging attack.


Moonlight Altar


There is a wide open space located to the extreme south of Ringleader's Evergaol that is bordered by cliffs and contains three gazebos. There are a total of three stones to be found in the gazebo that is off to the right. Be wary of the Lesser Red Wolf of Radagon that is patrolling the area as it guards the spot.


Check the gazebo on the left side of the same spot; there are three more Smithing Stones (7).


The region is home to a total of five Crumbling Farum Azulas, which are as follows:


Discovered atop a tomb in the next room following the site of grace in the Crumbling Beast Grave Depths, which is the room closest to the balcony.


Discovered on a dead body tucked up beneath a collapsed pillar in the northern part, just beyond a winding passage lined with statues of dragons.


Discovered on a body that was located on a higher rock to the east of the fountain plaza. After ascending the Dragon Temple Lift located to the north-northwest of the temple, you will find yourself in an upper region. From the elevator, proceed to the east and down the stairs while passing a tree on your left. It is necessary to scale the ledges in order to get to the top of the cliff and get the stone.


Discovered on the body of a deceased individual in the second major piece of the top crumbled area to the west of the Dragon Temple. Follow the path that leads south from the fountain plaza until you reach the Phantom Tree, which is located in the center of a ring of pillars. To get here, you must first climb the Dragon Temple Lift, which is located to the north of the temple. From this location, proceed to the west and climb to the top of an additional group of pillars to get access to the beginning of the higher crumbled area.


Discovered on a dead body up on a hill in the plaza to the southeast of the Dragon Temple Rooftop site of grace. It was located close to a Phantom Tree and among many pairs of pillar structures. Be cautious around the Warhawks that are patrolling the region.


Subterranean Shunning-Grounds


A corpse in the Aqueducts area has a one-time item that can be picked up. You can access the room containing the body and the Wraith Callers by descending into a hole in one of the aqueduct tunnels.


There are two bodies that both have two x's on them, and both of them are guarded by two enormous crayfish.


After making significant headway through the tunnels, there are four times as many to be located. Continue forward from the shortcut doors that are directly across from the Underground Roadside place of grace until you reach a point where you can descend through a hole that is located on top of a pipe. Once you have entered the pipe, turn so that you are facing southwest and continue going straight (you will go up and past a Crimson Teardrop Scarab) until you reach an intersection with a Golden Rune [8]. Take a left at that point, and the stones will be on a dead body around the next bend.


Mohgwyn Palace


It is possible to find 1x on a dead body in the dry area that is located to the north of the blood marsh.


You can get 1x by searching a body near a group of tombs on the path that leads to the mausoleum and looking for it there.


Miquella's Haligtree


On a dead body in front of a gazebo that connects three bridges is where one x can be found. This location is watched over by a pair of Battlemages.


Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree


A body bearing a 1x can be discovered on the floor of a storage room or wine cellar located beneath the eastern walkway.


At the very end of the eastern corridor on the bottom floor, you will find 1x resting on a dead body in a room that is filled with many braziers and two Cleanrot Knights.


Haligtree soldiers also drop it.


Deeproot Depths


Upgrade material. Located at Deeproot Depths on the stairs that lead up to the whirlpool area.


Ainsel River


Shunning Grounds


Volcano Manor


Smithing Stone 7 Guides


The majority of armaments may have their strength increased from +18 to +21 by using stone to smith it.


Each subsequent upgrade calls for two, four, and ultimately six stones, for a total of twelve required for a +21 armament.


Runes and Smithing Stones can be used at a smithing table to improve your armaments. However, similar to other complex upgrades, the aid of a trained blacksmith is needed.