It was merely a rumor when we learned about the Elden Ring DLC a few weeks ago. Nevertheless, a current update from the creators of the official Elden Ring game guide appears to support the information. We can definitely imagine this being a record-breaking piece of DLC if this turns out to be true, especially given how likely it is that Elden Ring will be the Game of the Year in 2022.


Publishers Of The Elden Ring Game Guide Make a DLC Reference


Future Press, the book's publisher, has already made the first volume available. Additionally, a second volume was supposed to be released in time for Christmas in 2022, but it has been postponed. This is why:

The difficult decision to postpone Volume II's release until early 2023 was made while we were still working diligently on it. We try to incorporate all information available at the time of publication so that it will be accurate and helpful for a very long time.

Now, we could be incorrect, but they wouldn't need to wait for "everything there is to know at the time of publication" if there wasn't going to be any Elden Ring DLC. If they were only writing on stuff in the standard game, they would already be well-informed.

Although it is still very far from being formally confirmed, this is a very strong piece of evidence that DLC will be present. As soon as we learn even the slightest bit more about the Elden Ring DLC, we'll let you know. All we can do right now is wait (and play God of War).