Smithing Stone [5] is an Elden Ring Upgrade Material. It is of help in boosting up the stats and giving players an even better level of equipment. It is possible to gain Upgrade Materials in Elden Ring through exploration, looting it from particular parts of a Location, receiving it as a drop from a particular Enemy or Boss, receiving it as a gift from an NPC, or purchasing it from a Merchant.


Elden Ring Smithing Stone [5] Location


You can find Smithing Stone [5] by the following ways:


In order to buy from the Twin Maiden Husks at the round table, you must first offer them the Smithing-Stone Miner's Bell Bearing. They can be purchased for 1200 runes.


At the end of the cut out steps leading up to the iron ball trap at Raya Lucaria Academy, there is a dead body that can be looted for 1x.


Wyndham Ruins: Located in the southern part of the ruins, on a body that was discovered there.

Discovered on a dead body that was huddled in a corner of one of the courtyards of Nokron, the Eternal City.


Discovered affixed to a dead body in a cemetery in Nokron, the Eternal City.


Discovered on the body of a dead body while exploring the destroyed support structures of Nokron, the Eternal City. It may be found on the bridge ruin, one level below the phantom that haunts the place.


Located in Nokron, the Eternal City, on a body that was propped up against a column ruin.

Discovered on the body of a dead person who was resting by the edge of the Siofra Aqueduct's flowing water.


One can be discovered on Mount Gelmir, not far from Seethewater Cave and to the north of the Seethewater River place of grace.


In the Leyndell Royal Capital, this item was dropped by Leyndell soldiers.


Located on a body in the caverns of Ainsel River Main, Ainsel River Main.


One can be located underneath a wooden platform that is just across from the castle's main entrance.


The balcony of the fortified Manor in the Leyndell Royal Capital, located adjacent to the room with the swords displayed on the table.


The lowest level of the Fortified Manor is where you'll find the Leyndell Royal Capital. In the back of the armory, behind the weapons rack.


There are a total of five treasures to be found in this dungeon, and they are as follows:


  • Discovered on a dead body in an alcove within the southern battlements of the fortress.
  • Discovered on a body that was located in the area between a massive dead tree and the southern ramparts.
  • Located on a body that was discovered in the northwest part of the outer courtyard, directly behind the Large Poison Flower. You can get here by climbing to the top of the western ramparts and continuing along that path past the rock wall in the north direction.
  • Located on top of the eastern inner walls, on a body that was found in the corner. Climbing a staircase on the eastern side of the inner courtyard will lead you to this region, which you can reach here.
  • Found on a cadaver that was being devoured by a Rotten Stray on the roof of the building in the northeastern corner of the compound. From the building in the northwestern corner of the plaza, one must first traverse the ramparts to the north and then ascend the steps in the building in the northeastern corner of the plaza.


Within the Altus Tunnel is where you can find 6x.


  • The first stone is located in the far wall of the first cavern after the Site of Grace. To get there, head through the entrance on the right side of the room.
  • Once you have returned to the main route, head east into the following cavern. The second stone can be found to the right of the site of entry shortly after the point of entry.
  • Within the same cavern, the third stone can be found tucked away under the wooden walkway.
  • If you are still in the same cavern, the fourth stone can be found adjacent to the overgrown root that is located in the southeast.
  • The fifth stone is located to the left of the entrance leading to the boss in the cavern that contains the boss door.
  • The final stone may be found in the same cavern as the boss door. It is situated next to a root on the left side of the room, which is closer to the door.


The region known as Northern Caelid is located north of the Sellia Crystal Tunnel. 3 can be unearthed from the interior of a Breakable Statue. You can defeat it by using the Dragon that is located to the east of this spot.


The Sellia Crystal Tunnel has the 8x that you're looking for.


  • The first one may be found on the bottom floor of the main cavern, directly behind the shed that stores items.
  • The second stone can be discovered on the slope that is adjacent to the storage building that is located at the very bottom of the main cavern.
  • The location of the third stone can be identified on the adjacent slope.
  • Carry on climbing the slope until you reach the summit of the hill. The deep indentation on the western wall contains the location of the fourth stone.
  • In order to hop over the barrier that is preventing access to a tunnel, first climb up onto the shed that is located in the middle of the main cavern and then onto the wooden platform that is located in the east. Proceed into the tunnel and grab the fifth stone on the left when you reach the end.
  • Moving on from the last stone, climb the ladder in the following room, then turn to the north and look for the sixth stone in the cavity in the wall to the north of the room.
  • In the same wall cavity as the sixth stone is where the seventh stone can be located.
  • In the same region, ascend the ladder that is attached to the side of the shed, and then proceed further through the tunnel until you reach a cavern that contains a raised wooden platform. Climb the ladder to the platform, and once you're there, look along the left wall for the last stone.


Altus Plateau is the location where Imp Shades can drop this item.


Rare item dropped by Soldiers in the area near the first Mt. Gelmir Campsite, Site of Grace.


Imps in Wyndham Catacombs have a very low chance of dropping it.


Fortress of Redmane: Inside the castle, there are a total of two that may be found:


  • On a dead body located within the structure of the castle that is located furthest to the south.
  • On a dead body located atop the tower to the southeast of the castle, which may be reached by ascending ladders located both inside and outside of the structure to the southeast that the tower is attached to.


Old Altus Tunnel: The dungeon contains a total of eight of these passageways to explore.


The first one may be found next to the wall just to the right of the first storage shed you come across.


  • When you are in the large room with the wooden pathways, go to the right side of the room and climb the ladder to enter a smaller cavern that has a storage shed. Check the cavity in the wall to the right of the miners, which is camouflaged by explosive barrels; this is where the second one is hidden.
  • Once you are back on the wooden pathways, head to the left of the ladder and take the path that leads to the wall to find the third stone.
  • It is necessary to descend the roof of the northern shed in order to reach the fourth stone, which is located on the wall on the western side.
  • Check the area between the southern shed and the wall for the fifth stone. This is located in the same area as the previous two stones.
  • Within the same region, the Sixth stone may be found on the left side of the space adjacent to a miner who is resting.
  • In the same region, locate the seventh stone by going behind the northern shed and following the tunnel until you reach a small cavern.
  • In close proximity to the seventh stone is the eighth stone, as well as a Somber Smithing Stone. 


Sealed Tunnel: There are a total of five of them to be discovered within the dungeon.


  • When you are in the hidden chamber that is located past the Site of Grace, descend the ledge into the lower portion, and then search the alcove that is located in the back of the chamber for the first stone.
  • In the same room, if you go to the west, you will locate a chest. You'll find a lift if you destroy the phantom wall that's hiding behind the chest, but you shouldn't actually use it. To find the second stone, instead descend the ledges on the left side of the screen.
  • Look to the south when you are at the bottom of the lift chamber; this will allow you to dispel two false walls and reveal a vast cavern with overgrown roots. Find your way through the roots to the tunnel in the east, and once you're there, descend an opening on the right to reach the third stone, which is located in the back. Be wary of the abnormal stone clusters that may explode at any moment.
  • Find a set of wooden steps in the same room as the explosives. These stairs lead to the next level. The location of the fourth stone is on a wall that is adjacent to these stairs.
  • Check the wall that is directly opposite the stairs while you are still in this room. Be wary of the bomb that is concealed beneath the crates and barrels. When you hit the wall, a large pit with tangled roots all over it will become visible. Once you've done that, descend to the second root and search the ledge in the corner for the last stone.