Shard of Alexander is one of the best Elden Ring Talismans. It confers a significant enhancement to the potential damage that can be inflicted by weapon skills. To put it another way, making use of one's formidable weapon skills while playing the game is among the most effective ways to deal damage, and this is true even in the absence of the talisman known as the Shard of Alexander. If you have the Elden Ring, you can easily break it open and access everything inside. The fact that players must progress through a sizable portion of the game in order to acquire the item, on the other hand, makes the process of obtaining it drawn-out and laborious. 




How To Get The Shard of Alexander


In order to acquire this talisman, you will first need to complete the entire Iron-fist Alexander, Warrior Jar questline. This questline will require you to complete a number of different tasks along the way. Alexander will be waiting for you when you arrive in Stormhill, but in order for him to continue with his mission, you will need to defeat Radahn first. Alexander will then be able to continue.


After the battle, speak with Alexander at the site of Grace, and then search for him in Liurnia on the cliffs above Jarburg. After you have set him free with an oil pot, he will travel to Mount Gelmir, and you will be able to find him there, soaking in the magma in the far western part of the region. If you go to the area's far west, you should be able to find him there. 


If you approach him in this location and have a conversation with him, you will have the opportunity to ask him for assistance in fighting the Fire Giant. On the floating walkway in the vicinity of the Dragon Temple is where you'll find him. Whether or not you summon Crumbling Farum Azula, you must lift Grace in that location. It makes no difference whether you summon him or not; this is correct either way. If you choose to speak with him in this location, he will challenge you to a duel. You need to win the fight against him in order to obtain the Shard of Alexander.