Elden Ring Lore includes all the world and mythos-related information in the game. Everything from events that took place a very long time ago to the history of the Lands Between and the mystery surrounding the enigmatic Elden Ring can be discovered in this location.


  • George R. R. Martin is the author of the book titled "The Mythos of Elden Ring." Mythos is a term that can refer to either the overarching topic of the story or the basic framework of the plot. It is also possible to understand it in terms of a belief system.
  • Hidetaka Miyazaki and his colleagues at FromSoftware are responsible for the writing of "The Story of Elden Ring."
  • The lore and story of Elden Ring are told in a manner that is comparable to that of other FromSoftware "Souls" games; therefore, players should be prepared to find a significant amount of room for interpretation, in addition to statements that appear to be in conflict with one another regarding various game characters, elements, and ideas.
  • Visit the Sword Monuments located all around the Lands Between to read flavor text hidden on the constructions that resemble swords.
  • You can view a community-made timeline of the historical events that took place in the Lands Between by going to the website titled "Timeline of Lands Between history."


Elden Ring Lore Summary


While she tells the tale, the narrator wraps both pairs of her slim hands onto her lap. "It occurred a very long time ago. But when I think back on it, I realize how true that is. This is how the story of the Shattering, a bloody conflict between the children of Marika who are the Demigods of the Lands Between, starts. In the dead of winter, on a particularly gloomy night, a band of assassins from unknown origin crept across the Lands Between.


Because they were too many and dispersed around the empire, the God-divine Queen's protection was unable to rescue the lives of many of the God-relatives Queen's who were murdered in a simultaneous attack by this evil covenant. The assassins went after a number of different targets, but the death of Godwyn the Golden was the one that dealt the most devastating blow to the Eternal Queen. As a result of his passing, the Elden Ring was destroyed in some manner, and the order of the planet fell apart along with it.


This anarchy eventually led to war. War in its purest form, pitting relatives against each other and pitting blood against blood. A great and affluent empire was reduced to brittle fragments as a result of the conflict. Even when bolstered by the strength of a Great Rune, no single side was able to find sufficient purchase to keep a conclusive triumph over the other.


The conflict between General Radahn and Malenia the Severed demonstrated that neither might nor skill alone would be sufficient to take control of all of the regions that Marika had gathered into one territory and unite under one ruler. As a result, the Lands Between are no longer embroiled in an open conflict; rather, they are stuck in an unsettling stalemate that does not appear to have a way out. The narrator of the tale asks, with a teasing smile playing on both of her lips, "Except in the case that you should wear the crown?"


Take a deeper dive into the carefully designed mythology of George R.R. Martin – author of the best-selling fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire published by The New York Times – and the universe developed by FromSoftware based on his work in this new teaser that is available here.


You will be thrust back in time to eons long past, where you will reexperience the Shattering, a conflict that demigods' insatiable desire for power caused to bring darkness to the Lands Between. You will fight with General Radahn and Malenia the Severed, but even these two unbeatable warriors will not be able to bring together a world that has been so severely fractured. There is only one last shred of hope left, and that is the hope that a new Elden Lord will arise and pull back the shroud of darkness that has descended upon Marika's dominion.


The duration of the wait is almost up. You will soon go to the Lands Between, where your goal will be to become the Elden Lord of that region. Hold your ground, Tarnished, and get ready to seize the opportunities that fate has provided for you.