Elden Ring plot has always been full of mystery, and there are many other aspects of the game that have yet to be thoroughly explored, but at the very least, a general plot will be offered below.


What is Elden Ring and Elden Lord?

Elden Ring

First of all, Elden Ring is not a literal ring, it is more like a super large Rune with enormous power. Surely, you all know about the Great Rune obtained when defeating the boss which, after activation, will give us all kinds of stats, don’t you? They are the debris dropped from the Elden Ring when it was destroyed, the cause of The Shattering war.


The Elden Ring is not an item in the Elden Ring plot, it is simply a great source of power given to Queen Marika, to enable her to rule The Lands Between. The power of the Elden Ring is stored in the Erdtree, from which it radiates to the whole world with golden rays of privilege.


Queen Marika can be understood as a vessel of the Elden Ring. She does not possess it, but on the contrary, she is only its container. In other words, Marika was just someone chosen by an even greater force to protect the Elden Ring.



Elden Lord

Many people misunderstand Elden Lord to be the highest position in that planet, the one who defends and receives power directly from the Elden Ring. But this is not the case; Elden Lord is merely a title that confers no substantial power without the Elden Ring. For example, despite being the first Elden Lord, Godfrey was banished from The Lands Between and became a Tarnished.


At this point, many people will wonder why the Elden Ring was destroyed and broken into many Great Runs. The one who destroyed the Elden Ring was Queen Marika. What caused her to do so was the death of her son Godwyn the Golden. Although Marika had many children, it is not clear why it was Godwyn who caused her extreme grief, lost her mind, and destroyed the Elden Ring herself.


This is the most important opening in the Elden Ring plot. After the Elden Ring was destroyed, The Shattering War also broke out, and the Tarnished were summoned back to seek someone to become Elden Lord.



Queen Marika destroys the Elden Ring


After Queen Marika disappeared during the events of The Shattering, The Lands Between needed a new leader, or more accurately, a new Elden Lord. In the Elden Ring plot, not only the main Tarnished but many other Tarnished as well as Demigods all desire to become Elden Lord.


To become a true Elden Lord, one must find and collect Great Runes to restore the Elden Ring to its original state. However, in the plot of the Elden Ring, there are many paths to becoming an Elden Lord, as well as how that new God governs the world.


Queen Marika's Real Family and Background

In order to fully understand why Marika destroyed the Elden Ring in the Elden Ring, we have to talk about her origins first. Queen Marika is not an ordinary person but comes from a race called the Empyrean. The Empyreans were more like a superior life form than the normal creatures in the Lands Between.


An Empyrean can also absorb knowledge beyond the physical body, as well as sense forces from outer space. They are, therefore, called down to be Lord Gods and thereby receive a mighty power above all. Marika and the Elden Ring are one such case, she has conversed with a god named Greater Will.


This god allows Marika to possess her powers through the Elden Ring, thereby making her ruler and Lord of The Lands Between.



Great Rune shards shattering from the Elden Ring


The golden light that radiated from the Edrtree was the power of Greater Will. When the great war of The Shattering broke out, this divine light fell into thousands of pieces, some of which still retained some of the warmth of Edrtree and became the Sites of Grace.


Marika, after becoming the supreme ruler, sought Elden Lord as her mate and bodyguard. A Badland warrior named Hoarah Loux was chosen. After becoming Elden Lord he changed his name to Godfrey and this was also the first Elden Lord.


Godfrey and Marika had a child together in the Elden Ring plot, namely Godwyn the Golden. Then, they have twins Morgott and Mogh. In addition, there is another reason for Marika to choose Godfrey, that is, when Empyreans want to sublimate as God, they need to have a partner or spouse by their side. These people will follow that Empyrean for life and share in the power of the lord god.