The Demigods are mostly children of Queen Marika with two husbands, Godfrey and Radadon. However, instead of solidarity and love, these individuals appear to be out  to destroy each other.


Although the Demigods were the ones who started the Shattering, not everyone wanted to be the Elden Lord. Almost half of the participants have their own plans in various ways. Read on to learn about each one.


Godrick the Grafted

This is most likely your first meeting with a Demigod. He is also the weakest of the Demigods in the Elden Ring plot - Godrick the Grafted. In fact, Godrick is not Queen Marika's son, but rather a distant relative of the Royal Family.


Godrick is highly proud of his ancestors, referring to himself as a lord of Golden blood, a reference to Erdtree nobles. Another point to consider is that Godrick the Grafted is named for the fact that he has a variety of strange body parts.


Godrick the Grafted 


Due to not being of a genuine lineage, Godrick's strength was much inferior to the rest of the Demigods. Moreover, he was weak and extremely cowardly. There are many stories documenting this Demigod's weakness in the Elden Ring plot, of which two are the most famous. One is that Godrick once had to disguise himself as a woman to run away from General Radahn. The second, even more humiliating story, is that Godrick tried to flirt with Malenia, leading to a life-or-death battle with the swordswoman. As a result, Malenia knocked Godrick to the ground, but at the last moment, the Demigod begged to live, completely devoid of dignity. When playing the game, you can see that Godrick is also an unpopular tyrant, because after he died, a subordinate stepped on his body and cursed.


In addition, even Godrick's soldiers were deserters running down from the capital Leyndell. That's why in the Elden Ring plot, Godrick was madly hungry for power. He killed the Tarnished and used their corpses to graft into his body. Godrick also tested dragons on corpses, for dragons were the rulers of The Lands Between long ago.


The Grafted Scion you meet at first, is Godrick's experiment in putting corpses together. In the basement of Stormveil castle, we can see piles of limbs and corpses hanging from the ceiling, which are the remains of the slain Tarnished. Godrick adored Godfrey, but unfortunately never quite like this first Elden Lord.


General Radahn

Demigod is the most admired by gamers and is also the strongest of the Demigods. In the Elden Ring plot, General Radahn is called the undefeated god of war. From a young age, he had a strong admiration for Godfrey and always sought to imitate the god. Radahn's armor has the shape of a lion to imitate Godfrey's.


Radahn is a person who is good at both combat and magic. He has the ability to manipulate gravity, strong enough to trap a star as his own. Over time, Radahn's body became more and more massive and there was no mount that would fit him. However, Radahn did not want to abandon his beloved warhorse, so he used magic to reduce his own weight so that he could continue to fight with his companion.


General Radahn


When the great war of the Shattering took place, General Radahn was the most enthusiastic Demigod. His clash with Malenia the Severed is also the most famous battle in the Elden Ring plot. According to the story, Radahn and Malenia fought a lot but were inconclusive.


In fact, in the last fight, Radahn nearly defeated Malenia. But in the end, Malenia stabbed herself in order to spread the blood contaminated with Scarlet Rot to Radahn's body. The poison then spread throughout the Caelid, turning it into blood-red swamps, filled with deadly Scarlet Rot.


This poison could not kill Radahn yet, but it slowly eroded his mind, turning the general into a monster that lost all reason. He roamed the deserts of Cealid, killed anyone he came across regardless of friend or foe, then devoured their carcasses like a repulsive wild beast.


Radahn's subordinates could not bear to see their general like that, so they organized the Rahdan Festival, in order to free him and help Radahn die like a true warrior. Radahn's coolness is undisputed, perhaps this is the most righteous and heroic Demigod in the entire Elden Ring plot.


Praetor Rykard

As General Radahn's closest brother, Rykard did not enjoy any of the integrity of his brother. This Demigod was only associated with a bad reputation. In the Elden Ring plot, Rykard reigns in the northwestern volcanic land. This demigod is famous for recruiting the Tarnished under his command in order to fight the rule of Erdtree.


The Tarnished were those who had been abandoned by the golden light of Erdtree, lost their position in The Lands Between, and despised. Therefore, many people came to Rikard. This act of Rikard was considered blasphemous by Erdtree's followers and the Golden Order. Because of that, there were many wars to overthrow Rykard. As we move along Gelmir we can see piles of corpses, which are the consequences of these conquest battles.