The Elden Ring contains several stories and legends as well as dozens of mysteries waiting for you to discover. It's only a matter of whether you're curious enough or not.


Even if you believe you're paying close attention, it's difficult to comprehend what's going on in the Elden Ring. It appears that completely explaining the story will need sifting through item descriptions and a thorough understanding of the characters' conversation. Your thirst for knowledge and your curiosity must be big enough to know more. Otherwise, you won't get anything.


The Elden Ring's trailer cutscene is a very successful starting point for the story and lore. Thereby you learn important points in the history of the Lands Between and the fallout incident.


Join us to learn more about the game's primary characters and concepts to round out your experience with The Elden Ring.


What is Elden Ring's location?

The Elden Ring is located in a brand new world known as the Lands Between. It is ruled by demigods and is blessed by the power of the Elden Ring and Erdtree. The lands of the Lands Between are a continent filled with mystery and surrounded by water. Unlike the previous FromSoftware titles, it’s a large open world.


Your voyage with Elden Ring will begin at Limgrave, a land to the south. This place is covered with immense grasslands, valleys, forests, and cliffs…. The Caelid region, which has been destroyed by sickness and is populated with the undead, will be your final exploration. You will also meet the misty Liurnia region as well as various regions with different landscapes and ecosystems.


Elden Ring Characters and Concepts

Information about the characters and concepts in Elden Ring will tell you about the plot and how to keep track of the story.


The Elden Ring

The Elden Ring is connected to a god named the Greater Will. This god brought the Elden Ring from space into the Lands Between. Each Great Rune that is a key item dropped from Demigod and identified as part of the Elden Ring assumes some aspect of existence. Your mission is to collect these Great Runes from each demigod and put them back into the Elden Ring at the end of the game. Your ending and the future of Lands Between will depend on which Great Runes are placed.


The Erdtree

The Elden Ring is connected to a god named the Greater Will. This god brought the Elden Ring from space into the Lands Between. Each Great Rune, which is a vital object dropped by Demigod and designated as part of the Elden Ring, takes on a different form. Your goal is to gather all of the Great Runes from the demigods and return them to the Elden Ring at the end of the game. Your ending and the future of Lands Between will depend on which Great Runes are placed.


The Two Fingers

The Two Fingers is also representative of Greater Will. Greater Will does not need to travel to the Lands Between to be able to communicate with people and creatures on this planet. Two Fingers acts as Greater Will's interpreter. It communicates through fingerprints read by Finger Reader. It may seem complicated, but Finger Readers are the messengers of information to everyone in the world.


Queen Marika the Eternal

Chosen by Greater Will, Queen Marika the Eternal is known as the reigning king of the Lands Between, and the vessel for the Elden Ring. She jumped out and disappeared after breaking Elden's ring. Godfrey is known to be the first husband chosen by Marika. They have 3 children together, Godwyn, Morgott, and Mohg. Another one was named Radagon, a mysterious red-haired warrior. Both Godfrey and Radagon became Elden Lords later and gained much divine power through this union with Marika.


Elden Lords

The existence of the Elden Lords began since Greater Will touched the Lands Between. The appearance of the Elden Lords is even thought to predate the Elden Ring and Erdtree. 


The power and authority that the Elden Lord wields are not yet clearly defined. Perhaps, FromSoftware aims to question what Elden Lord's purpose is in a world where there is no reason to have one person in power and clear class divisions. But Elden Lord is still a highly revered title.


The Tarnished

You or the other players in the Elden Ring are the Tarnished. These are individuals who lost Erdtree's grace and were banished from the Lands Between by Queen Marika the Eternal. But As there was no god to take over the Elden Lord when the Elden Ring was broken, Greater Will brought The Tarnished back. Many of them died and came back to life in the process.


The Shattering

The demigods fought with each other thanks to their newfound strength from the shards of Elden's broken ring. For this reason, Greater Will abandoned them all and then called on the Tarnished to steal the Great Runes from the demigods. Ruins of Shattering are scattered everywhere, being the main cause of ruined castles, leaving Caelid as a red wasteland, and all the main characters scattered across the map.


The Shardbearers

The Shardbearers were originally a title given to the holders of Great Runes. Great Runes has the function of restoring the Elden Ring. You can meet Shardbearers in different forms. These include Godrick the Grafted, Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, General Radahn, Praetor Rykard, and Morgott the Grace-Given. However, you need to keep in mind that these are not the only characters with Great Runes.