With Elden Ring Character Creation, players can completely shape and customize their character's different features from voice, face structure, to its gamestyle.


The Rebirth gameplay mechanic in Elden Ring gives you the ability to change the specs of your character. After you have vanquished Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, you will be granted access to this feature. After it has been vanquished, you will be able to exchange Larval Tears for a Respec if you so desire. Please go to the Rebirth Page if you want further information on how to respec your character.


Elden Ring Character Creation


You have the ability to choose your character's name, gender, age, and class, as well as its look, in Elden Ring. You can also choose a keepsake for your character. In addition, the "Base Templates" section of the editor gives you the ability to select from ten different character presets. On this page, you will discover a detailed explanation of what these qualities are capable of doing and how they perform their functions.


Top Class In Elden Ring


You can finish your trip through The Lands Between with whatever Class that you choose for your character, regardless of what type of character you play. Since the early stages of the game introduce a wide variety of combat techniques, and these differences continue to grow during the course of the game, you should choose the class of your character based on the playstyle that is most suited to you. Having said that, certain classes make the beginning more manageable. 


The Vagabond and the Samurai are the two classes that are recommended for new players to start out with. The Vagabond has simple starting gear and good stats for a playstyle that is focused on melee combat, while the Samurai begins with a Longbow, a sufficient number of Arrows, and a Uchigatana, which is an excellent bleed weapon. If you are interested in learning how to perform magic, the Astrologer class is an excellent choice for beginners because it focuses on a sorcerer-style of magic.


Respec Character In Elden Ring


Once you have gained the capacity to do so, you will be able to reallocate the stat points associated with your character. In addition to gaining knowledge of the ability, you will be forced to hand in a unique item in exchange for point reallocation. During the course of your playing, you will have the opportunity to earn the ability to respec your character. If you would want more information on how to respec your character, please visit the Rebirth Page.


Choose A Class In Elden Ring


When you first start playing the game, you'll have the opportunity to select one of ten different classes to play as. Your decision will have an effect on the items you have available to you when you first set out on your journey.


Each class comes equipped with its own unique pieces of starting equipment and items.


Classes for Elden Ring are the many fighting styles that can be selected during the Character Creation process. When a player selects a class, their base statistics and the equipment they begin the game with are both affected. On this page, you'll find information on each class, including their attribute point allocation and their equipment. In addition, this page includes information on classes that were accessible throughout the sole duration of the Network Test.