The size of the Elden Ring map interactive has been one of the greatest talking topics since its release, because people can't believe how large it is. The Lands Between is not only huge, but also teeming with areas of interest, dungeons, overworld boss fights, even the occasional sentient pot. Players can spend up to ten hours just exploring the initial region, and even then, moving on can cause FOMO.


In fact, the Elden Ring Map Interactive is a fantastic resource for anyone who doesn't care about spoilers and wants to know everything. It is hosted by Mapgenie and identifies the location of everything from dungeons and sites of grace to bolstering supplies, smithing stones, and more.


Moreover, if you haven't played much or any of the Elden Ring games, the Elden Ring Map Interactive is sure to be your great assistant, so take a look at the Lands Between map for yourself.


As someone who isn't bothered by spoilers, I clicked the following link and was instantly startled by how many dungeons I missed in locations I thought I had completely investigated. Given the verticality of the Elden Ring map and the fact that you can't always just make a beeline in the direction of an untouched section, I can see this being a fantastic resource for completionists.


But it's not finished. While the current map is full with things I didn't see throughout my own gameplay, it's still a work in progress, and there are sections with significantly fewer icons (pretty much the mid- to late-game areas). Still, I'm impressed by how much there is already, and equally so by how much stuff there in the Elden Ring.


What’s more, Mapgenie specializes in gaming maps, including maps for games ranging from Dying Light 2 to Old School Runescape. There's also a Lost Ark map in the works. If you're serious about tracking collectibles, marking locations, and adding your own custom locations, you can register as a Pro user.


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