Somber Smithing Stones in Elden Ring are Upgrade Materials. They are of help in upgrading unique equipment such as Weapons and Shields up to +10. 


How To Use Somber Smithing Stones?


Somber Smithing Stones are an item that may be used to enhance unique equipment by up to ten points (For upgrading regular equipment, please visit Smithing Stones). You will need to go to a Blacksmith and ensure that you have the appropriate level of Somber Smithing Stone in accordance with the level of the weapon you are now using.


Upgrade Cost


Each level of special enhancements requires one Somber Smithing Stone. This requirement applies to each level.


Somber Smithing Stones Locations


Smithing Stones can be obtained through exploration; for a comprehensive list, see our Interactive Map and filter your search results by "Upgrade Material." You can also check the individual pages for each Somber Smithing Stone that are included in the table below for a comprehensive list of all of their possible placements.


Smithing Master Iji offers a large selection of different kinds of Somber Smithing Stones for sale.


Total Number Needed


It takes 137 of each type of Somber Smithing Stone to fully upgrade all of the game's 127 weapons and 10 shields, and there are a total of 127 weapons and 10 shields that use these stones. Because there are only a select few Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones available, you will need to have an NG+17 in order to accomplish this (18 playthroughs).