Roderika is an NPC in the Elden Ring whom you will meet on your way to Stormveil. She is known as a spirit adjuster. If you complete Roderika's quest, she will move to the Roundtable Hold.


Where to Find Roderika in Elden Ring?


Players can find Roderika in the following locations:


At Stormhill Shack as Heartbroken Maiden, here you will get Spirit Jellyfish Ashes from her.


At the Roundtable Hold, you can move to the Roundtable Hold after giving Roderika the Chrysalids' Memento OR resting at one of the sites of grace in the Liurnia of the Lakes region. Resting at the Lake-Facing Cliffs grace could be the earliest possible trigger for Roderika's Golden Seed.


How to Complete Roderika's Quest?


You will achieve the sitting sideways stance after speaking to Roderika several times while she is present at Stormhill Shack, and she will then hand you the Spirit Jellyfish Ashes.


Deliver her message and return with a Chrystalids' Memento you discovered on a pile of dead bodies in Rampart Tower. She will stay at the shack. Roderika will appear again in the Roundtable Hold. Go there and meet her to obtain a Golden Seed.


If you have given her the Chrysalids' Memento and spoken to Smithing Master Hewg, you can find her as a Spirit Tuner in Roundtable Hold, where she is no longer dressed as a rider.


If Roderika wasn't in the Stormhill Shack when you arrived, you can still complete the quest by selecting the "About Roderika" option in Smithing Master Hewg's conversation menu.


The quest will be finished up to this point automatically if you go around Margit and receive the Lake-Facing Cliffs Grace early; you won't need to go get the Chrysalids' Memento. There may be a bug here.


Roderika can be seen standing near to the fireplace when she first enters the Roundtable Hold. Giving her the keepsake will earn you one extra Golden Seed, which you can use to buy something.


If you didn't give her the Chrysalids' Memento before she showed up at Roundtable Hold, you can still get the Golden Seed by going to Stormhill Shack and taking it from where she was lying when she first appeared.

You must speak to Smithing Master Hewg about Roderika, let Roderika know what Hewg said, and then speak to Hewg again to persuade him that Roderika wants to learn more about her gift. Only then will Roderika be accepted as an apprentice Spirit Tuner.


Select the "Please" dialogue option to get the Spirit Jellyfish Ashes if you weren't able to catch Roderika at the Stormhill Shack.


Roderika will be in the same room as Smithing Master Hewg, on the left side, seated on the floor, whenever you leave and return to the hub.


Now that you have the required Runes and Glovewort Items, speak with Roderika about enhancing your Spirit Ashes with the Spirit Tuning talent.


You can currently talk to her after leveling any spirit ashes to +4. If you do this, you'll get more conversation, during which she declares that she is no longer an apprentice and makes the Curtsy gesture.


After finishing the questline, you can pick up the Crimson Hood she wore by going back to the spot where you discovered the Chrysalids' Memento.


She moves to the fire place at the round table when you burn the Erdtree (spoiler alert). She wants you to talk to Master Hewg, the blacksmith, and convince him to leave the roundtable.