The Elder Scrolls: The Official Cookbook

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The Elder Scrolls: The Official CookbookThe Elder Scrolls: The Official Cookbook

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Discover and share delectable fare inspired by the world of The Elder Scrolls you won’t find anywhere else, like Orsimer Venison or Saltrice Porridge.


With easy-to-follow directions and noted difficulty level for each recipe, this uniquely themed cookbook offers something for chefs or beginners alike.


This exquisitely detailed hardcover book is the perfect addition to your kitchen library—a must have for every Elder Scrolls fan and an ideal holiday gift.


Sweetrolls RecipeSweetrolls Recipe

Imperial Mulled WineImperial Mulled Wine


Beautiful food photography of finished recipes help ensure success.

Detailed Recipes

Difficulty level included on the easy-to-follow instructions.

Drinks For Your Feast

Pair tasty dishes with a variety of cocktails like Snowberry Cordial or Water of Life that can be scaled up or down depending on how many soldiers you need to keep warm.

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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars

4.9 out of 5 stars


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192 pages 192 pagess

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Release Date
3/26/19 11/10/20

Publisher ‏ : ‎ Insight Editions (March 26, 2019)
Language ‏ : ‎ English
Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 192 pages
ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1683833988
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1683833987
Reading age ‏ : ‎ 5 years and up
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Title: The Elder Scrolls: The Official Cookbook

Embark on a culinary journey through the fantastical world of The Elder Scrolls with this official cookbook. Featuring over 60 recipes inspired by the diverse regions and cultures within the game, you can now recreate iconic dishes such as sweetrolls, honey nut treats, and more. Each recipe is beautifully illustrated and includes step-by-step instructions, making it easy for fans of the game to bring the flavors of Tamriel into their own kitchen. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a novice cook, this cookbook is sure to delight both your taste buds and your imagination.

12 reviews for The Elder Scrolls: The Official Cookbook

  1. Tiffany

    Roleplay style writing
    This book is in theme with skyrim. It is set up to be as though you can actually find this book in skyrim. It’s absolutely gorgeous. There’s a lot of additional artwork from the game itself. There’s a lot of lore additions such as the origins of food, and the races that eat that food. It is really really fun because it is written in the way that a Skyrim author might have written it. It’s absolutely gorgeous and all accounts. And I was able to make a recipe for my birthday out of this book and it was the tastiest thing I’ve ever made. Additionally, the artwork is far more intricate than a cookbook might need, but that adds to the beautiful charm of this book. I absolutely love everything about this. They also give you custom recipes for seasonings to use for other core recipes of this book. And they give the spices custom spice names such as: Nord spices, stormcloak seasoning, and imperial seasoning.This is possibly the most beautiful cookbook I have ever purchased and I do not regret a single penny that was spent on this book. This book is such high quality I simply cannot comprehend it at times.

  2. E. Marie

    Just how I imagined it would be . . .
    All those years of playing The Elder Scrolls. All the pilfering of homes and castles to find food items to keep our characters alive. Now arrived in a beautifully illustrated cookbook. The book came just in time as I recently committed to revisiting The Elder Scrolls from its first installment to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as the world awaits the next TES installment. That’s thousands of hours of game play and game food-brought-to-life could not make a more perfect pairing for a gamer.This review is going to be a living review, and will be updated as I make each recipe. Each recipe review will be short and given asterisks to show my like or dislike of the dish. The max rating will be four asterisks. All recipes will be made according to the book instruction, with no deviation. Future attempts at some recipes that contain a deviation will be noted.Let’s get right to it.May 2, 2020 Prepare Nord, Stormcloak, and Imperial Seasonings. Attempt the Horker Loaf and Imperial Mushroom Sauce.When reading through the recipes, I noticed that only a teaspoon (or less) is applied to the dish. I wondered how the dish flavor would turn out with so little seasoning given. Well, wonder no more, the seasonings are strong. Never in my life have I tried Marjoram or Savory. Surprisingly, I had these seasonings in the back of my spice cupboard, sealed and unopened. Good thing I didn’t throw them away 10 years ago. Once prepared, the seasoning mixes put salt and pepper to shame.Horker Loaf (***). Before preparing this dish, I watched several YouTube videos and read several reviews. The reviews were mixed. Some tasters hated the dish on account of the grease and the oysters, and some tasters loved it. The recipe is generally a meatloaf recipe so I was not concerned about the grease, just the taste of the smoked oysters. My loaf came out perfectly, the garlic cloves did not burn on top and my bacon was wonderful. My husband and I ate this with the Imperial Mushroom Sauce and we both really liked the pairing. It was a heavy dish and I immediately went down for a nap after. For dinner, we tried another slice, although I kept the serving small because it is so rich. The oysters do lend an almost overpowering smokiness. I think more than 5 pieces of bacon would help, and next time around, I will use only half the can of oysters.Imperial Mushroom Sauce (****) The sauce was very easy to make, and it thickened up too quick so, as much as I did not wish to, I had to water it down with a bit more stock so that the sauce would be saucy. I started the sauce as the loaf was half way through cooking, so the two dishes came to a finish at the same time. The Imperial Seasoning is rich and flavorful. Very good.Next up, Snowberry Crostata!

  3. TASS

    Elder Scrolls book
    I bought this for a gift for someone and they absolutely loved it. Wonderful recipes, nicely illustrated. Recommended!

  4. Mithia

    Original recipe
    If you are part of the 52 million Who Play elder scrolls online, this should be part of your wish list. The book even has drink recipes I’ve been going through it and I can’t wait to make even more unique dishes and drinks so many great ideas. The hardcover book is strong and well-made. Pages are thick and color. Images are quality. I love it.!

  5. Dr. deez

    Already making a few recipes. Iykyk…

  6. Daniel

    Great buy and east to follow recipes
    I’m a huge Skyrim fan and thought it would be fun to make some of the food from the game. I purchased the book and after looking at several recipes I decided to try a couple. The directions are easy to follow and the food was very tasteful.

  7. Intermountain West

    Nerdy food porn
    If you like food and the Elder Scrolls, this book will give you nommy nerd-gasms. Gorgeous photos, illustrations, and recipe descriptions. You don’t have to know how to cook (or own a stove) to enjoy that aspect of the book. It’s got the “food porn” angle coveredWhen it comes to the recipes themselves, I think the book is worth having, but there are some issues.I have yet to make every recipe, so I’ll update this review as I do.THINGS TO KNOW:#1 – Think the book is pricy? Wait until you get a load of the ingredients. Many are hard to find and the cost adds up quick. If you order them online, between alcohol, herbs, spices, and dried fruits (are juniper berries fruit?!) expect to spend at least $400. That doesn’t include the venison, lamb, cheeses, or the gallons of honey you’ll need.#2 – The old hippie lady at your local herb store is about to become your new best friend. Why? Every time you try a new dish, you’ll be in there trying to chase down burdock root or dried currants or something. She is the key to you getting all the herbs you’ve never heard of for less than the cost of a college education. I went to my local herb shop and picked up 8 ingredients for $8. The herb store is your friend, not Amazon.#3 – When you try these weird spices/fruits/tree bits, you’ll recognize a lot of them from your favorite international restaurants and want to put them in everything, so buy a little extra. The three basic spice mixes are delicious and fun to experiment with. Grains of paradise are now a pantry staple at my house.#4 – Making the Long Taffy Treat will make you cry. If you follow the directions, that is. It took me 3 tries to get my first batch of chewy candy ropes. Stir it constantly as it cooks, and bring it up to 280-290 degrees F. The recipe makes no mention of stirring and the proscribed 255 F will get you soupy puddles.So far I’ve made:Nord spices (I was like wtf until I got it wet)Stormcloak seasoning (put it on ur meat!)Imperial seasoning (makes green things kid-edible)Garlic bread (good, but it’s basic)Long Taffy Treat (see above, great in mint flavor)Water of Life (kinda like tan, dill-y Jager)Skooma (omg I want more but I’m too drunk to stand up)Canis root tea (eewwwww!)Spiced Warm Milk with Honey (as in “honey, can you make me some before bed?” “Again!?”)Nut & Seed Loaf (gross! Needs honey and spices!)Next on my list? Juniper lamb chops, Horker Loaf, or maybe Lavender and Honey Bread.UPDATE:Meade – do your own research and buy actual brewing equipment, unless you want bottles exploding in your kitchen. My fiance got it figured out and made, we strained it, put it in our fridge and now, a few months later, it’s amazing. Great on beef roast, too.Horker loaf – mehParmesan leeks – yummy

  8. Sztof

    Well that’s a neat cooking book. It got some good recipes and it’s also printed very nicely. Apart from cooking recipes you can find some lore and stories in it. Nice!

  9. Cassandra Bernath

    The idea kind of book if you love The Elder Scrolls and cooking.Filled with a whole bunch of interesting recipes for medieval feasts and D&D nights, and most if not all of them are joined by a nice picture to give you a rough idea of what the dish is supposed to look like, and how to give it a nice presentation.

  10. Emanuele Montagnino

    Il libro di ricette purtroppo è in inglese, ma lo sapevo da prima e ho deciso di prenderlo lo stesso dato che lo conosco, e sono stato molto felice della mia scelta.A prima vista sembra complesso ma forse con un po’ di impegno sopratutto se si sa cucinare credo che le ricette siano fattibili;PER FORTUNA ci sono solo una o due, comunque poche ricette.. come dire… un po’ americane… come una ricetta che richiede delle fette di pesca ricoperte di brie e prosciutto… insomma un po’ disgustoso ma comunque la gran maggior parte sembrano buone.Come portarsi un pezzo di Elder scrolls a casa, sicuramente alcune ricette non sono come vi aspettate, ma è un libro che ti permette di sognare di essere a tamriel e di assaggiare le sue pietanze.L’unica pecca è che ci sono un paio di segni minori sul perimetro e angoli del libro, abbastanza piccoli da essere sorvolabili ma comunque fastidiosi trattandosi di una cosa che volevo custodire indenne come oggetto di collezione.Tutto sommato se si conosce l’inglese questo libro non deluderà, vale davvero la pena, appena lo aperto sono stato molto felice, sopratutto grazie anche alla presenza di alcune artwork che lo abbelliscono.

  11. V. M. C

    El libro es precioso, las fotografias son hermosas, la autora tiene mucho sentido del humor, te saca varias sonrisas cuando lees las recetas o varias secciones. Las recetas son muy medievales y algunas personas las podrian considerar muy fuera de lo comun, no es algo que puedas usar para cocinar seguido (depende de los gustos, claro está). Hemos probado varias de sus recetas y son bastante ricas.

  12. Silvia GT

    Envío de 10 y a tiempo. El libro es maravilloso, su encuadernado, las fotos, los detalles, las referencias al mundo de Tamriel… Todo está cuidadísimo. El lenguaje es sencillo y fácil de entender incluso para los más profanos en el inglés. Si te gusta Elder Scrolls, lo necesitas.

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