PopSockets Phone Grip with Growing Kickstand, Nightmare Prior to Christmas – Enamel Jack

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Our durable enamel PopSockets compatible with iPhone, Samsung and any other devices, we call a “PopGrip” is anti-drop, allows for one-handed use of your device, and the ability to prop up your phone wherever you go
A little life-changer people like to call a cell phone holder, phone gripper for back of phone, phone holder for hand, or whichever you name you decide
PopSockets are compatible with all PopSockets phone accessories including wallets, cases, mounts, slides and non-PopSockets cases for phones
Change up your PopGrip style without replacing the whole grip and swap out the top for one of our PopTops. Just press flat, turn 90 degrees until you hear a click and swap
Stick on with the adhesive and reposition as needed. PopSockets s stick best to smooth hard plastic cases (may not stick to silicone, soft, or waterproof cases)

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Enhance your phone grip and stand out from the crowd with this Nightmare Before Christmas themed PopSockets Phone Grip featuring an Enamel Jack design. The growing kickstand makes it easy to watch videos, video chat, or take selfies hands-free. This phone grip is perfect for any fan of the classic Halloween and Christmas movie. Get yours today and show off your love for Jack Skellington in style!

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Customers like the appearance and performance of the cell phone grip. For example, they mention it looks great and works well. That said, opinions are mixed on quality and adhesion.

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13 reviews for PopSockets Phone Grip with Growing Kickstand, Nightmare Prior to Christmas – Enamel Jack

  1. Josh Morgan

    Great design and durability
    I love Jack, the Nightmare Before Christmas, and PopSockets. I have a few designs of Jack, but this is one of my favorites, and it has fit nicely with a NBC phone case. I currently have installed the top on the PopSockets Slide, and it works well there. Like other metal tops, it can show scratches rapidly, but they are not very visible unless you catch the light the right way. Such things can personally bother me, but I’m still very pleased with it after weeks of use!

  2. Amazon Customer

    So cute
    I love this pop socket! Nightmare before Christmas is one of my favorite movies. It’s been very sturdy and I’m pretty rough on my phone.

  3. shanice

    Who doesn’t like Jack!
    No issue here it sticks very good for me I’m definitely buying one for my husband

  4. Erin McDuffee

    Love it
    Super secure. Love that you can swap the tops whenever you like.

  5. Danielle Geiser

    I saw this last year around Halloween and even had it saved in my cart for awhile but never got it. Then it was sold out. Saw it again and knew I had to buy it. I got it for my kindle and absolutely love it.

  6. Sara Jacoby

    This has been one of my favorite pop sockets. He’s nice and sturdy and bonus points for the glow in the dark factor. Shipping kept getting delayed and took a good 2 months to actually get to me but that issue aside, it is a great purchase.

  7. Ryno’s Stuff

    A little loose
    Jack’s head seems to pop off the socket a little easier than was expected. Definitely not as firm as the Squirtle he is replacing. HahaOverall not much to complain about, but my wife is worried it will fall off and get lost. She still loves the design.

  8. Arenita Garcia

    I love NBC. And I didn’t pay too much for it so thats good. Easy popsocket brand. Matches my other NBC popsockets, yeah I have like another 3, I should stop…, but I won’t.

  9. Yan Valcourt

    Qualité et exactitude, satisfait

  10. Nessa G

    I love this. No complaints. I did not know that the face changes depending on which way you move it. It switches between 2 faces. The adhesive on the back to stick it to the phone case, super sticky. Be mindful that you want to put the popsocket in the right spot.

  11. PlumbeeS

    Loved it until it broke. It was in my back pocket and snapped off when I was getting into my car. I had to pry the base off my phone with a butter knife (didn’t damage my phone because of my otterbox case) because I couldn’t get the broken gear piece out of the base to switch out a different pop.

  12. Jamaican Turtle

    Optik TopKratzresistentz könnte besser seinPreis zu hoch

  13. Beadgames

    This is definitely one of the best pop sockets I’ve ever used but I will say that it is quite expensive along with being very small in width and length so if you have (advance apology for sounding crude) FAT fingers, it may not work for you 😔 would not recommend for men unless you’ve got feminine hands 🤗😳 you can see in the picture the comparison in size between the pop socket and my fingers. My hands are pretty manly-ish so it’s mildly difficult for me to comfortably hold the phone. But otherwise the pop socket is perfect, the print is amazing and you can’t really go wrong with jack skellington 😎 I’ve only used it for a week so can’t say about the durability but so far so good 😃

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