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Dark Souls™: The Card Game is a cooperative deck evolution card game for 1-4 players. Players must explore the Encounters around them, defeating a myriad of enemies to gain Souls and Treasure. They must use these to evolve and adapt their deck to better fight their enemies. When the players are ready, they must challenge the powerful bosses that lie within. The players must walk a narrow path, however, since their decks allow them to attack their enemies, but also represent their health. Decks are only refreshed when the players rest at the bonfire, so players must defeat their enemies while husbanding their strength for the greater challenges ahead. Thinking quickly and adapting to the enemy’s attacks is key for survival. A misstep can be fatal, but the rewards of success are great. Adapt your deck, evolve your strategy, and prepare to die.
Dark Souls: The Card Game is a cooperative deck evolution card game for 1-4 players.
Players must explore the Encounters around them, defeating a myriad of enemies to gain Souls and Treasure. They must use these to evolve and adapt their deck to better fight their enemies.
When the players are ready, they must challenge the powerful bosses that lie within.
A misstep can be fatal, but the rewards of success are great. Adapt your deck, evolve your strategy, and prepare to die.
Rulebook, Tokens, 400+ cards including starting decks, equipment cards, stamina cards, enemy cards and boss cards., 1 player board, 1 enemy board, 1 encounter board

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Dim Souls The Card Video game: Main Video game

Embark on an epic adventure in the world of Dim Souls with this exciting card game! Battle against fearsome monsters, collect powerful weapons and spells, and gather allies to aid you on your journey. Will you be able to conquer the darkness and emerge victorious?

This main game set includes everything you need to start playing, including a rulebook, character cards, monster cards, and more. With easy-to-learn rules and endless replayability, Dim Souls The Card Video game is perfect for both casual gamers and seasoned veterans alike.

Gather your friends and prepare for an unforgettable gaming experience with Dim Souls The Card Video game: Main Game. Are you ready to face the challenges that await you in the world of Dim Souls?

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Customers like the quality, complexity level and sturdiness of the tabletop game. For example, they mention it’s a great game, easy to understand and challenging. Some appreciate the box itself and the boards. Opinions are mixed on appearance.

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13 reviews for Dim Souls The Card Video game: Main Video game

  1. crystal gg

    Would purchase again
    Ordered for young adults that were interested in the series. Have only started playing game once and did not have time to finish, but they enjoyed and are looking forward to playing again and learning more as they go. Game is nicely presented and packaged. As with any pricey card game, I recommend placing cards in individual sleeves for protection (very inexpensive) and help game hold its value.

  2. Jeremiah Ford

    A fun and fast paced deck builder!
    My order came on time and was in perfect condition. Really fun and easy to understand game, about 45-60 of play time excluding set up. It gives the feeling of tension and desperation of Souls games but in card form. If you like deck builders I recommend this game.

  3. Angelisa Robutz

    One of the best co-op games I have ever played.
    Bought the Dark Souls Card Game 2 weeks ago and my husband and I immediately had to order both expansion packs. I don’t play the Dark Souls video games so this is a great game for me to enjoy something that my husband loves. Highly recommend to wives.

  4. Luis E. Ochaeta

    Excelent game
    Very good game, its posible use min alone and max with another 3 friend, in this starting kit.

  5. Dusk Shadow

    Pretty nice, a little flawed, however.
    As a Soulsborne (Dark Souls/Bloodborne) fanatic, and avid player of tabletop games, I had to pick this up.It arrived on time, undamaged. I do have to condemn the packaging of the game, though. The packaging could be better, for the price. The issue I had with the Board Game (board game, not this card game) was that it had a lot of various kinds of loose tokens (and I mean, many, many token types), and all they gave you to hold them was a single ziploc baggie, which is a joke for the MSRP of $129.99. It would be annoying to dig through a tiny bag for a single token each time you needed it. Let me give an example. Bloodborne: The Card Game was only MSRP $39.99, but had slots for all cards and tokens that fit perfectly. This card game does not follow that, once again, they only provided you a ziploc baggie for all the tokens. The cards don’t have plastic slots to ‘lock into place’, unlike the Bloodborne card game, but rather crudely cut sections of cardboard, that at time, are hard to get cards out of. Considering this was a complaint people had with the board game, you would think that the creators would fix it for their card game. (Dark Souls: The Board Game’s creators are the same as Dark Souls: The Card Game)The game itself is fairly easy to learn, although setup and put-away time is pretty long, but the gameplay itself is fun, and filled with death, tears, and despair, just like dark souls. The art on the cards is pretty nice, although most of the items are icons from the game itself, or carried over from the Board Game. It’s not very enjoyable for solo play, and I say that as someone who plays Dungeons and Dragons solo all the time. I play with a friend over skype, using a webcam to video-chat the game table. When playing with others, it’s significantly more fun, and can get a lot more chaotic. The more players, the more complex and varying the gameplay can be, so with just one player, it’s pretty boring and gets stale quickly.Combat is usually players scrambling into place for attacking and defending, and when a boss encounter comes up, if the players want to survive, they have to remember the boss’s attack patterns (the bosses repeat the same set of attacks). Regular mobs can kill the entire party as well, if they’re not careful enough, but are generally easier to get into position to counter. But that’s pretty much Dark Souls, so I enjoy that mechanic very much.The box itself is nice and solid, along with the boards, sturdy and glossy, and let me tell you, it looks amazing on my game shelf. The cards and rulebook had a really nice new book smell, which is always nice.tl;dr- Overall, this was definitely worth the price, the gameplay is fun with multiple people. The inner packaging is poor, but isn’t a major issue.

  6. Joseph V-M

    If you’re a fan of the Dark/Demon Souls games and love co-op card games, this is a must buy. It’s every bit as deadly as the video games and beating a tough boss by the skin of your teeth is still as adrenaline inducing as well. The rules could be a bit clearer in some areas but overall it’s a great game.

  7. James

    Didn’t know this existed! Better Git Gud!
    I recieved the item really early and the item doesn’t appear damaged and I haven’t opened it yet because it’s a gift for my brother who’s a die hard dark souls and bloodborne fan (myself included), and I was pretty excited when I saw this.

  8. Derek Bialy

    overall good game, fun, challenging at times, only major issue is your movement on the encounter board is too predictable.

  9. Matheus Barros

    O card game do Dark Souls é um jogo divertido e bastante desafiador. Ele adapta algumas mecânicas do video game de forma interessante, fazendo com que você entre facilmente no clima do jogo. Os inimigos, chefes, armaduras, armas, magias e etc. do jogo original marcam presença. Jogando solo ele é muito difícil, beirando o impossível. Acho que as regras não foram muito bem balanceadas para esse caso. É possível contornar jogando de uma forma em que você controla dois personagens em paralelo, ficando assim mais “justo”. Caso deixe as cartas organizadas de antemão, o setup é rápido. Apesar do manual grande e aparentar ter muitas regras, o funcionamento do jogo é fácil de entender, e rapidamente você se acostuma e o jogo flui bem. Os jogos costumam demorar um pouco pela minha experiência, passando bastante do tempo sugerido na caixa, chegando até mesmo a umas 3 horas quando jogando com uma outra pessoa pela primeira vez. Para mim, o único ponto negativo é que as cartas não couberam na caixa depois que eu coloquei sleeves, então tive que retirar a camada de papelão que vem justamente para organizar e separar as cartas.

  10. Julio ERH

    compre el juego de cartas porque soy fan de los videojuegos del mismo nombre y puedo decir que el juego de cartas respeta muy bien la esencia del videojuego, el juego al venir en su totalidad en ingles puede parecer desafiante pero la verdad es que con un ingles básico y el traductor para las palabras difíciles hasta un niño podría entenderlo, y si no es el caso hay varios tutoriales en YouTube asi que por ese lado no hay pierde, lo jugué un par de veces con familiares que no tienen ni idea del videojuego y es divertido tanto para los que no conocen el videojuego como para los mas fans e incluso se presta para inventar algunas reglas caseras y hacerlo mas accesible, los materiales son excelentes, las ilustraciones hermosas y el gameplay variado, el juego esta basado mas en el contenido de Dark souls 3 y tiene de jefes finales a “Vordt del Valle Boreal”, “Pontífice Sulyvahn”, “Supremo Señor Wolnir” y a “Los Vigilantes del Abismo” el producto llego en excelente estado y a los dos días de que lo pedí

  11. mai04270502

    Für Dark Souls Fans ein muss. Für Brettspieler bzw Spieler die in diesen Genre unterwegs sind empfehlenswert.Die Regeln selbst wenn sie auch englisch sind waren für mich leicht zu lesen und verständlich.Ich persönlich finde es auch besser als das Brettspiel.

  12. Alice

    L’unica pecca è il tempo di spedizione ma per il resto ottimo

  13. Rodrigo

    Muy buen juego, ideal para los amantes de la saga. Tiene un buen modo solitario, muy entretenido y con un set up rápido de montar.Las cartas son de buena calidad aunque recomiendo enfundarlas (tamaño estándar), aunque sí digo que si te haces con el juego base y las dos expansiones tendrás más de 800 cartas.

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