Darkish Souls: Style and design Functions (Darkish SOULS Style and design Functions HC)

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Publisher ‏ : ‎ Udon Entertainment; Illustrated edition (January 21, 2014)
Language ‏ : ‎ English
Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 128 pages
ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1926778898
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1926778891
Reading age ‏ : ‎ 13 – 16 years
Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 2.31 pounds
Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 8 x 1 x 12 inches

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Darkish Souls: Design Works (Dark Souls Design Works HC) showcases the stunning artwork and intricate design behind the critically acclaimed video game series, Dark Souls. This hardcover book features concept art, character designs, landscapes, and more, giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of this dark and challenging world. From intricately detailed armor sets to hauntingly beautiful environments, Dark Souls: Design Works is a must-have for any fan of the series or anyone interested in video game design. Immerse yourself in the dark and haunting world of Dark Souls with this stunning collection of artwork and design features.

10 reviews for Darkish Souls: Style and design Functions (Darkish SOULS Style and design Functions HC)

  1. Nick

    Amazing treasure ahead!
    Like many, my relationship with Dark Souls started a bit rough. I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to continue on with such an abusive relationship. But then, all of a sudden, there was a brief serenity and calmness in all the death and stun-locking that taught me the value of the experience. If you work hard enough, you’ll reap the ultimate reward: experiencing that majesty that is Dark Souls. It was at that point that my liking became an obsession. To this day, if I pick up the game I have to know that it will be a while before I put it down again, just for a breather and perhaps a swig of estus.In fact, my obsession was so real that I had the original Japanese Dark Souls: Design Works imported from Japan less than a year ago. I knew that I had no chance in deciphering the vast text in the interview section but, for me, the art alone was worth the premium. Never in my wildest dreams did I think we North Americans would be intentionally treated to such a great work of art. Then, the wonderful people at Udon Entertainment made a dream come true with their announcement of an English translation of Dark Souls: Design Works.After the long and eager wait that comes with pre-ordering an item months ahead of its release, it finally arrived at my doorstep. I was immediately greeted by the grandiose facade, very fitting for Dark Souls, that is its cover. The slipcover is a matte metallic silver stock with a sandpaper texture. The black title plate planted atop it is contrastingly glossy and smooth. On that back is a deeply implanted silver sword silhouette. But the real beauty comes when you remove the luxurious slipcover and reveal the ash black hardcover with text and ornaments as orange as a raging bonfire.As if the presentation was not enough to warrant five stars, inside this tome you will find nothing but the most stunning content.Chapter 1: Concept ArtThe first 30 pages feature no words – solely massive, sprawling concept art on every page, all featured on glossy black stock. I spent a good minute at least on each page, just admiring the beauty and quality of each work.Chapter 2: Design MaterialsThe following 80 pages are broken up into sections, each visually describing the design process of various elements and showing insight into the design of World Materials, NPC Materials, Boss Monster Materials, Monster Materials, Player Equipment Materials, Weapon Materials, Unused Materials (very interesting!), and a brief look at the First Edition Purchase Bonus Poster Materials from the collector’s edition release of the game.Chapter 3: InterviewsThis section is undoubtedly what I looked forward to most. Having held onto the Japanese edition for so long with no hopes of gaining insight into the thought process of the masterminds who crafted the masochistic symphony that is Dark Souls, I couldn’t help but skip first to the twelve-page interview with Hidetaka Miyazaki, Daisuke Satake, Hiroshi Nakamura, Masamori Waragai, and Mai Hastuyama. It was everything I could have hoped for. Their insight is breathtaking and inspiring and truly something I don’t wish to spoil to any readers, but these twelve pages alone were worth the $30 purchase price.I really cannot say enough to try and convince onlookers to purchase this, but please do it. Not only will you treat yourself to something truly unique and amazing, but you will be convincing Udon Entertainment to continue their great practice of bringing English translations of beautiful Japanese books to the west.

  2. JD Brewer

    Great for fans
    I love Dark Souls – something about the world felt very creepy and real to me in spite of the dragons and skeleton dudes. It’s a similar feeling to when I played Super Metroid. The isolation and fear, the excitement of exploring. Dark Souls really captures loneliness and hopelessness. One of the key components to its success is the way the game looks. It’s not super graphics intensive, but the monsters are horrible and terrifying, and the locales are stark and sort of empty and bleak.Design Works sets out to capture the bleak and terrifying world of Dark Souls. This hardcover book is page after page of high quality prints of the concept art used to create one of my favorite games from the last generation of consoles. The book itself is super nice with heavy pages, a shiny gloss, and neat descriptions of the pictures. My only complaint is that I wish it had more, but honestly for the price it’s great. Definitely worth picking up if you enjoyed the world of Dark Souls as much as its tough gameplay.

  3. James Gowan

    A feast for the eyes & food for the Soul!
    From the beautiful silver and textured slip cover that adorns the exquisitely designed cover beneath, this book is brilliant from beginning to end. Only true fans of the game will buy this book and you will not be disappointed in your purchase. All of our favorite locations, bosses, NPCs, weapons and enemies are seen from the fresh perspective of actual detailed art. Sure we love the 3D versions of these from the game, but seeing them (as they were freshly conceived by the ingeniously gifted team that produced them) is a delight that I will experience again and again through the years of this book’s ownership.The extensive interview that ends the book by the director of the game and his four righthand designers will delight each fan as you learn vastly more about the backend of the game than you ever could before. Tidbits and the game’s journey from conception to completion is understood at a very personal level when we hear the masters tell their tales of how it all came to be.The only negative I have is that I’m sure it could’ve been at least four times bigger & I would’ve gladly paid four times the price!If you have beaten the game, I can safely say that you should buy this book. If you conquered the NG+, you NEED this book!

  4. Mariel Valencia

    This book is amazing
    I purchased it as a gift for my bff, which is a massive Dark Souls fan, and she loved it! Now I want to buy one for myself and I haven’t played a single game of the franchise

  5. Ruskybigmusky

    High Quality Soul!
    Certainly not a “must have” for your average gamer, but an absolute treasure for any Dark Souls obsessed gaming fan! I’ll keep this simple and straight to the point. This is a high quality book of art from the Dark Souls game that is presented in a quality way from cover to end. The art is fantastic and the developers commentary may be relatively sparse, but it provides some intriguing information and background perspective.I am an obsessed fan, I enjoy collecting games & gaming related items, and I actually picked-up two copies because I wanted to keep one sealed. I’d highly recommend this book for it’s art, overall quality & design, the developer Q & A, and especially for the collectability. If you pick one up I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

  6. Guillermo Arturo Díaz Gutiérrez

    Es tal cual la imagen, un gran libro de arte, llegó rápido y bien protegido, una compra totalmente satisfactoria.

  7. Lisa Haley

    Given as a gift and was liked

  8. Dari

    es una edición muy buena

  9. Tiago Martins

    Eu como fã(boy) da série, aprecio demais o trabalho posto nesse livro. Construção de primeiríssima qualidade e artes fantásticas! De bônus algumas entrevistas bem curiosas com o Miyazaki-san a respeito do desenvolvimento do game!

  10. stephanie boxshall

    Brand new in cellophane , great

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