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How to Receive and Benefit from the Cerulean Medallion in Elden Ring


Elden Ring is a highly anticipated motion job-taking part in sport made by FromSoftware, recognised for their hard and intricate gameplay. A single of the vital goods in the sport is the Cerulean Medallion, a effective artifact that can deliver gamers with exceptional skills and benefits. In this guideline, we will check out how gamers can receive and successfully utilize the Cerulean Medallion in Elden Ring.

Obtaining the Cerulean Medallion

The Cerulean Medallion is a uncommon merchandise that can be found in particular areas in the course of the sport earth. To receive the Cerulean Medallion, gamers need to initially track down the hidden shrines exactly where the medallion is held. These shrines are normally guarded by effective enemies or locked driving hard puzzles, necessitating gamers to show their expertise and perseverance.

  • Search for clues: Players can come across clues scattered in the course of the sport earth that will direct them to the site of the Cerulean Medallion.
  • Full quests: Some NPCs could deliver gamers with quests that in the long run direct to the Cerulean Medallion as a reward.
  • Defeat bosses: Particular bosses in Elden Ring could fall fragments of the Cerulean Medallion that gamers can acquire and assemble.

Using the Cerulean Medallion

When gamers have received the Cerulean Medallion, they can unlock its exceptional skills and use it to their gain in fight and exploration. The Cerulean Medallion can deliver gamers with increased stats, effective spells, and other advantages that can convert the tide of fight in their favor.

  • Enhanced stats: Equipping the Cerulean Medallion can enhance the player’s wellbeing, endurance, and other characteristics, building them more resilient in fight.
  • Distinctive skills: The Cerulean Medallion could grant gamers obtain to specific spells or skills that can be utilised to defeat enemies or triumph over hurdles.
  • Passive effects: Some Cerulean Medallions deliver passive effects that can enhance the player’s hurt output or deliver other advantages in excess of time.

Case Study: The Cerulean Medallion of the Missing City

A single of the most coveted Cerulean Medallions in Elden Ring is the Cerulean Medallion of the Missing City. This medallion is claimed to grant its wielder the ability to command the features and bend them to their will. To receive this medallion, gamers need to navigate the treacherous ruins of the Missing City, struggling with formidable foes and fixing intricate puzzles along the way.

When in possession of the Cerulean Medallion of the Missing City, gamers can unleash devastating elemental attacks on their enemies, freezing them in spot or engulfing them in flames. The medallion also supplies passive bonuses that enhance the player’s resistance to elemental hurt, building them a formidable power to be reckoned with.


In conclusion, the Cerulean Medallion is a valuable asset in Elden Ring that can deliver gamers with effective skills and benefits in their journey. By pursuing the recommendations and procedures outlined in this guideline, gamers can efficiently receive and utilize the Cerulean Medallion to greatly enhance their gameplay working experience and triumph over the worries that await them in the sport earth.

Keep in mind, the Cerulean Medallion is not just a mere trinket—it is a image of ability and mastery that can elevate your gameplay to new heights. So go forth, brave adventurer, and declare your rightful spot as a wielder of the Cerulean Medallion in Elden Ring!

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