In the Elden Ring, Flying Dragon Agheel is a Greater Enemy Boss. This Elden Ring Flying Dragon Agheel Guide offers boss locations, advice, techniques, and videos on how to quickly dispatch Agheel in addition to boss statistics and Agheel's lore. Bosses are distinctive and difficult Enemies that can be found across the Lands Between. Bosses of Great Enemies have a chance to drop uncommon Spirit Ashes, weapons, spells, and other items. Players don't have to defeat this boss in order to proceed in Elden Ring; it is merely an optional boss. But doing so results in helpful things and Runes. 

The boss' standard adversary is a lesser dragon. Other bosses with similar fundamental attacks include Flying Dragon Greyll, Decaying Ekzykes, Glintstone Dragon Smarag, Glintstone Dragon Adula, and Borealis the Freezing Fog. A typical foe, Glintstone Dragon uses the same fundamental attacks 


Overview of the Flying Dragon Agheel in the Elden Ring


Location of the Flying Dragon Agheel boss


Players can find this boss at the Dragon-Burnt Ruins in Limgrave, which are located around the center of Agheel Lake. Moreover, this boss is optional, the dragon will spawn when you approach the small island northwest of the actual ruins site, which has a bonfire and some followers.


General information


  • Flying Dragon Agheel is an optional boss
  • Grace's Nearest Location: Agheel Lake North
  • This boss supports multiplayer.
  • For this boss, you can summon Spirit Ashes.
  • Bloody Finger Hunter Yura is summoned by an NPC. Yura is located just north of Grace's Seaside Ruins. Speak to him after at least one death to Flying Dragon Agheel, and he'll chastise you for attempting to fight it. His summon sign will then be available for Flying Dragon Agheel next to the Stake of Marika.


Combat information of the Flying Dragon Agheel


  • Health: 3,200 HP
  • Defense: 106
  • Stance: 120
  • Parryable: No
  • It is exposed to a crucial strike after breaking posture
  • Takes 20% more normal damage overall for the remainder of the battle after sustaining a critical hit.
  • Damage: Standard, Fire
  • Dragon TypeWeak spot: head (+50% damage)
  • Drops 5,000, Dragon Heart
  • At Caelid's Cathedral of Dragon Communion, taking down Agheel unlocks Agheel's 



Absorptions of the Flying Dragon Agheel


  • Standard: 35
  • Slash: 35
  • Strike: 35
  • Pierce: 10
  • Magic: 40
  • Fire: 40
  • Lightning: 40
  • Holy: 40

The negative numbers represent the percentage of your damage that is thwarted. For instance, 40% of the harm of that type will be dealt and 60% will be canceled if the negation is 60. Greater numbers equals less harm. A negation of 100 implies no damage is transmitted, while a negation of -100 means the enemy sustains double the amount of damage. If the damage is zero, nothing really changes.




  • Poison: 526 / 816 / 1273
  • Scarlet Rot: 526 / 816 / 1273
  • Hemorrhage: 526 / 816 / 1273
  • Frostbite: 526 / 816 / 1273
  • Sleep: Immune
  • Madness: Immune

The buildup necessary to cause it is indicated by the resistance figures. For instance, to overcome a resistance of 100, you must inflict 100 points of the specified amount. Keep in mind that these decrease over time and rise each time the effect acts. The values following the "/"s represent the enhanced resistances following each subsequent proc.


Guide of the Flying Dragon Agheel boss in the Elden Ring


Best Tips for Flying Dragon Agheel


  • Before disappearing, Kaiden Sellsword Ashes can deal a lot of damage.
  • When Agheel flies away, immediately narrow the gap with Torrent to more easily avoid its breath attacks.
  • Take care when calling a player for cooperative play. The boss's HP will increase, and you won't be able to ride Torrent if you choose cooperative play.
  • whenever you can, try to hit its head to deal more damage.
  • For its high stance damage, players should use Rock Sling.
  • For an additional 30% damage, players can use Dragonwound Grease.



Melee users


  • Knight vs Dragon: Remain on Torrent and ride in and out while swiping at his wings and feet as you pass by, but always keep moving. Staying on Torrent gives a lot of advantages, including the ability to quickly close the gap when Agheel flees, the ability to move more easily out of the line of breath attacks, and the ability to wear your heaviest armor without incurring any penalties. However, you won't be able to hit the dragon in the head with a strong blow and staying beneath its legs is risky due to the lack of a good dodge.
  • Heads Up: Be aware that Agheel's head takes additional damage, so concentrate on hitting it as much as you can. Given that dragons are less resistant to piercing damage, spears and great spears are excellent options, although any weapon with a long reach will do. Standing in front of the boss will allow you to deal headshot damage to most of its forward-facing strikes (see Attacks & Counters for details). Its Strafe and Retreat attacks are the most hazardous from this stance, so start fleeing as soon as you spot it flying into the air with fire coming out of its mouth. If you can act quickly enough to take advantage of Torrent's increased speed to make up for the mounting delay, you can also mount up first.
  • Footsies: Running towards Agheel's feet will help you evade a lot of its attacks. They are much simpler to attack than its head, despite not taking as much damage. If you choose to use this tactic, it's crucial to learn when the dragon will launch its High and Low Stomp attacks. If you can consistently jump attack over the shockwaves, you'll be able to maintain pressure even when the dragon tries to retaliate for you avoiding its bites. However, you'll still need to be prepared to flee when it launches a flying breath attack.


Magic and ranged strategy


  • Ride & Range: A few lengths distant from Agheel's, stay on Torrent, lock on, and pelt it with ranged attacks. Although you can consistently aim for its head to deal more damage, keep in mind that its strikes can cover a lot of ground quickly, so you should time your shots wisely and be prepared to retreat further if necessary. Don't be afraid to ride toward the dragon to avoid some attacks, such as Sweeping/Tracking Breath and Charge, and then to ride away to prepare for other assaults.
  • Shield Up: If you're traveling on foot, make sure your right hand has a sturdy shield. Knowing how to deflect a physical attack as a backup move can help you survive when Agheel really wants to bridge the distance between you and him.