Elden Ring Somber Smithing Stone 5 is an Upgrade Material in the Elden Ring game. It is a rare unique smithing stone that can only be utilized to improve and upgrade special equipment. Upgrade Materials can be obtained through exploring, looting certain portions of a location, being dropped by a specific Enemy or Boss, being gifted by an NPC, or being sold by a Merchant.  


Location of Elden Ring Somber Smithing Stone 5 


  • First and foremost, players can find it South of the Deep Siofra Well grace, behind an Arcane Sphere of Faces. 
  • Secondly, it can be found by looting a corpse inside the massive stone ruin at the Siofra River's highest point.
  • Thirdly, Gaol Cave is where you will find it. To enter, two Stonesword Keys are required. Check it out on the 
  • Besides, the Volcano Manor: In Volcano Manor's dungeon, one can be found on a corpse hanging from a ledge. You must turn right after ascending the cage lift to find it.
  • Moreover, one can be located inside the Altus Tunnel. In the second cavern, you have to climb the wooden platform and look along the right-hand walls for the stone.
  • What’s more, a Teardrop Scarab dropped it on the bridge in Nokron, Eternal City. 
  • Additionally, dropped south-west from the Bower of Bounty place of grace in Altus Plateau by a Teardrop Scarab.
  • It was discovered on a body along the cliffs in Nokron, Eternal City. 
  • Alternatively, dispel two illusory barriers to the south at the bottom of the chamber with the elevator to expose a vast cavern with overgrown roots and an Iron Virgin roaming the lower section. You need to make your way to the lower level of this cavern and look for the stone on the northwest wall.
  • Not only that, it is also found at Leyndell, Royal Capital, on a side room north of the Erdtree Sanctuary Site of Grace.
  • The Shaded Castle was discovered on a body near a dead tree at the western end of the outer courtyard, next to the western rampart. 
  • Furthermore, Redmane Castle: Discovered on a corpse near the huge monument surrounded by seats in the castle's north.
  • Plus, the Old Altus Tunnel can be found at the very bottom of the main chamber. Follow the tunnel behind the northern storage shed to a small cavern where you can discover the stone. 
  • Finally, you can go out of the gate from Outer Wall Battleground Site of Grace and then directly west to find a body in an unmarked ruin on the cliff overlooking Minor Erdtree (Altus Plateau).


Purchase from 

After delivering them the Somberstone Miner's Bell Bearing (3) essential item, Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold.


Dropped by

Include foes who drop here.


Somber smithing stone Elden Ring guide

Utilized in smithing to fortify particular armaments. Specifically, up to +5.


Notes and Tips of Elden Ring Somber Smithing Stone 5

  • Firstly, you are allowed to hold up 999 Somber Smithing Stone 
  • Secondly, you are enabled to store up to 999 Somber Smithing Stone 
  • Moroever, Sell Value: 1000