Elden Ring Sleeping Dragon is a boss in the Elden Ring game. This Elden Ring Elder Dragon Greyoll Guide contains boss locations, tips, methods, and videos for easily defeating Greyoll, as well as Greyoll stats and backstory.

Elden Ring Sleeping Dragon is a gigantic dragon located in Caelid that is resting on the ground surrounded by five normal dragons. Because this dragon is supposed to be the mother of all dragons, the smaller dragons that surround her are most likely her children. When players come across her, she will be inert and incapable of attacking.

Moreover, this is an optional boss, however it is a popular one because it may net players a lot of Runes given the simplicity with which she can be killed. The boss can be defeated in two ways. One method is to kill all of the smaller dragons in her vicinity. Each one takes a chunk of her health away, and defeating all five also defeats this boss. Alternatively, you can bypass fighting all of the smaller dragons by hitting her tail directly. It may take some time, but the benefits are the same regardless of how you vanquish her. When defeated, Greyoll and her children drop five Dragon Hearts and enable the purchase of Greyoll's Roar.

Bosses are distinct and difficult Enemies found across the Lands Between. They can drop one-of-a-kind Spirit Ashes, weapons, spells, and other items.

Greyoll was the dragon's mother, towering above all who stood before her like a huge mountain.

Elden Ring Sleeping Elder Dragon Boss

Greyoll, the Elder Dragon, is a Field Boss in Caelid.

  • First and foremost, this boss is optional.
  • Secondly, Fort Faroth is the closest Grace location.
  • Thirdly, this boss allows for multiplayer.
  • Fourthly, this battle allows you to summon Spirit Ashes.
  • What’s more, Elder Dragon defeats Elder Dragon and is unlocked by Greyoll. Greyoll's Roar at the Dragon Communion Cathedral
  • Her five progeny are the five tiny dragons in front of her. Each death will cause her 1/5 damage, therefore killing all 5 dragons will also defeat her.

Where to find the Elden Ring Sleeping Dragon?

Players can find this boss in the Dragonbarrow region of Caelid that is surrounded by smaller dragons.

Combat information of Elden Ring Sleeping Dragon

  • Heath: NG (87664), NG+ (??), NG++ (??), NG+3 (??), NG+4 (??), NG+5 (??), NG+6 (??), NG+7 (??)
  • Absorptions: ??
  • Defenses do not vary between phases; a firebomb does the same amount of damage in phase 1 as it does in phase 2.
  • It does no damage but will roar to warn surrounding dragons.
  • Small dragons patrol the region around the boss. They inflict Standard Damage.
  • Dragon Type
  • Parriable: No
  • Pose cannot be broken.
  • Pierce Damage is relatively modest.
  • Other sorts of harm and all status consequences are not a problem.
  • Death Blight resistance.


  • Phy (Sta): 42
  • Phy (Sla): 42
  • Phy (Str): 42
  • Phy (Thr): 12
  • Magic: 48
  • Fire: 48
  • Lightning: 48
  • Holy: 48

The absorption figures represent the percentage of your damage that is blocked. For example, if absorption is 60, 40% of that type's damage will pass through and 60% will be absorbed. A higher number equals less damage. A resistance of -100 indicates the opponent takes twice as much damage from that source as an absorption of 100. When the value is zero, the damage remains unchanged.


  • Poison: 575
  • Scarlet Rot: 575
  • Hemorrhage: 575
  • Frostbite: 575
  • Death: Immune

The resistance figures represent the amount of accumulation required to trigger it. To activate a resistance of 100, for example, you must deal 100 points of whatever aux buildup you are using. Take note that these decrease with time and rise each time the effect occurs.

Fight strategy of Elden Ring Sleeping Dragon

The best Elder Dragon Greyoll tips for players:

  • Going to her left side (from the player's perspective) and hitting the tail with any weapon of your choosing is the simplest way to kill her. She and her children will not fight back.
  • Armaments that inflict Hemorrhage are quite useful versus Greyoll because they do a percentage of HP and proc relatively quickly. This strategy allows you to kill Greyoll at a very low level.
  • Clearing the smaller dragons clears Greyoll, and clearing Greyoll clears the smaller dragons.
  • Armaments that inflict Frostbite are extremely useful, especially when combined with a fire source.
  • Stay close to Greyoll's wings and legs to avoid aggravating dragons or falling victim to vicious attacks. With this strategy, she can be easily cheesed.
  • When you first ascend, rush immediately towards Greyroll's head and summon any spirit ash (ideally a tanky one) to catch the attention of the smaller dragons. She will summon nearby dragons, who will approach her head. After that, try to ignore as many as you can and head straight for the right side of Greyroll's tail (if you're looking at her from the front; otherwise, head straight for the left side of her tail if you're looking at her from the back), at which point you should be able to freely attack Greyroll without drawing the attention of the smaller dragons. They may investigate if they are still aggro'd on you from before, but because they do not fly around, they are easy to lose aggro on. Because she relies only on the smaller dragons for defense and does not fight the player, you should be able to assault her from this location without any interruption.

Melee users

Add Bloody Slash ash of war on a basic longsword to help it die faster. Any other Bleed strikes will hasten the onslaught. Kill the little dragons that appear in the area as it roars to deplete its health. Clearing them will allow you to avoid having to fight Greyoll. Similarly, clearing Greyoll will clear all of the minor dragons faster. These tiny dragons move slowly and are easy to run beneath most of the time in order to land some hits without incurring damage. If you choose, approach Greyoll and attack her as many times as you can until her HP bar is depleted.

Magic and ranged users

You don't need a high-tech weapon. Simply combine the Bloody Slash ash of war with a basic knife and it will suffice. Because of their slow pace, this will be a simple encounter for a ranged player. They don't charge at you, and your greatest fear may be its lunge strikes, which are nonetheless slow and predictable. While in the air, the period before its lunge attack is also a fantastic opportunity to deal with any ranged attacks. Continue until all dragons have been defeated, at which point Greyoll will fall to ash.

Alternatively, if the player does not have such a weapon, he may try to kill lesser dragons using Rock Sling instead (while using Meteorite Staff). Headshots with pebbles can be devastating and pose-breaking.

Ancient Dragons' Lightning Strike may be used by any Faith build to deal massive damage to Dragon foes. With 70 Faith, one or two casts can kill several of her Dragon spawn at the same time.

Attacks and counters of Elden Ring Sleeping Dragon





Greyoll's Roar

Greyoll's primary strategy is to weaken your stats while awakening the smaller dragons around her. Instead, you'll be up against smaller dragons. Killing one will substantially decrease her health. 

Get rid of the smaller dragons. Their attacks are listed below.

Smaller Dragon


The dragon stomps down with one foot, causing a shockwave.

You can see the dragon raise its foot in preparation for the assault.


After the flight, it was completed. During their landing, the dragon flies into the air and lunges down.

Stay away from any area where it might land. When you spot it flying, it will begin to target you. This is the time to back up.

Tail Lash

The dragon turns to face you, swinging its tail in an arc.

This attack is initiated by the being behind it. Step away when you see the tail rise and curl to one side.


The dragon screeches and leans to one side before snapping in an arc in front of it.

This attack is initiated by the presence of behind in front of it. Step away or under the dragon if you see its head wind up for a bite.


The dragon takes a couple strides forward and performs a headbutt.

After screaming, either move closer between its legs or avoid it entirely. Be wary of midrange because the dragon can go fairly far forward.

Wing Attack

One of the dragon's wings is lifted and smashed into the ground in front of it.

When it elevates a single wing, avoid that side.

Notes and trivia of Elden Ring Sleeping Dragon

  • Greyoll may mimic the motions of the smaller dragons surrounding her, however due to her massive size, it frequently causes the game to crash.
  • Greyoll is presently the second largest dragon in FromSoftware history, surpassing the Dragon God from Demon's Souls and the Divine Dragon from Sekiro.
  • Gransax, the Great Ancient Dragon whose corpse is buried in the Royal Capital, is the largest dragon, dwarfing even Greyoll.
  • Despite having dropped 50,000 Runes. As the smaller Dragons that surround Greyoll die, you will gain roughly 20,000 Extra.