Elden Ring Map (Interactive): Use our interactive map to locate and track all items, bosses, and NPCs in the game. Our Elden Ring Full Map is always being updated with thorough information for all quests, equipment, bosses, and locations, and we're always adding more! This Elden Ring Map has everything you need, from Walking Mausoleums to special Teardrop Scarabs and NPC locations.


 Elden Ring Map


Due to the fact that several items are discovered on top of one other, places on the Elden Ring Map are not pixel-perfect to their respective locations. Some things have been spaced out around the area where they are found to give simple tap targets for tooltips and links. For further information about the item, boss, or location, read the description tooltip or item page.


Elden Ring Map Size: Because this is such a large field, users are attempting to determine the true transformative distance of the Elden Ring Map in kilometers. On our Maps page, you'll discover a 4k Elden Ring Map that shows the entire World Map separated into regions, with all places and regional distinctions.


This Elden Ring Interactive Map is a work in progress, and you can help by amending wiki pages like Locations to add information, and by leaving comments on this page to offer advice and recommendations.