Elden Ring, the presumed GOTY, is getting a board game adaptation. It is possibly the most shocking piece of news today for anyone who is an Elden Ring fan.  


As you know, Elden Ring is being produced by the same designers as Dark Souls, Steamforged Games, and will be available on Kickstarter soon (the page is up now, but the campaign is not yet live). While information is limited at this point, one aspect that immediately seems interesting is the way combat is handled, with dice thrown out the window in favor of:


   - The Elden Ring board game, like the video game, immerses players in the abandoned Lands Between. 1-4 In "Tarnished," players will explore a large, wide world of decaying grandeur that changes as they visit historical sites and meet familiar enemies and characters.

   - To successfully complete the notoriously difficult fights in the video game, players will need to strategize and adjust their plans throughout each encounter, whether it is with a menial Godrick Soldier or the Grafted King himself.


Over the past few years, Steamforged has established a solid reputation by adapting a tonne of video games, including Horizon Zero Dawn, Dark Souls (twice, as a board and card game), and games based on both Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3. So I suppose we can infer that, even if this doesn't wind up being quite as praised as the source material, its developers at least have a basic understanding of what makes a video game on a tabletop tick.