In the Elden Ring, Crystaliansn is a Field Boss. For more details, Elden Ring Crystalians are crystal-based humanoid foes. They have diverse weapon configurations and are encountered in various places, but they all have very hard crystal bodies in common. Since players do not have to fight them in order to proceed in the Elden Ring, these bosses are optional.


This boss's Putrid Crystalians variation deals Scarlet Rot damage. Its typical foe is a Lesser Crystalian. The Crystalian Ashes can be used to call upon the spirit of a Crystalian for assistance in combat.


Location of the Elden Ring Crystalian


  • Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel (Ringblade)
  • Academy Crystal Cave (Spear & Staff) 
  • Altus Tunnel (Spear & Ringblade)


Combat information of the Elden Ring Crystalian


  • Stance: 70
  • Parryable: Yes
  • When breaking stance or parrying, it is susceptible to a critical hit
  • Possesses a backstabbable flaw crucial
  • Has Tier 2 hardness and an additional 90% negativity for all damage types before being stance broken, excluding Strike.
  • It will stagger from all assaults if its posture has been broken at least once.
  • Damage: Standard (Ringblade),Standard,Pierce (Spear), Strike, Magic (Staff)




  • Standard: 10
  • Slash: 35
  • Strike: 10
  • Pierce: 35
  • Magic: 40
  • Fire: 40
  • Lightning: 40
  • Holy: 40


The negative numbers represent the percentage of your damage that is thwarted. For instance, 40% of the harm of that type will be dealt and 60% will be canceled if the negation is 60. Greater numbers equals less harm. A negation of 100 implies no damage is transmitted, while a negation of -100 means the enemy sustains double the amount of damage. 0 signifies that the damage is minimal.


Boss guide of the Elden Ring Crystalian


The best tips for Elden Ring Crystalian


  • Concentrate on achieving the first stance break since after that it will have much less defense and stagger much more readily.

               - With heavier weapons, jump attacks and guard counters deal a ton of stance damage.

               - Flame of the Redmanes will break its posture after two hits.

               - Great spells for dealing stance damage include Dragonmaw and Rock Sling.

  • When fighting a group of Crystalians, use Greatshield Soldier Ashes to divide and conquer them.
  • Since Crystalians typically move slowly and prefer to remain grouped together during group battles, use Night Maiden's Mist.


Melee strategy


  • Crack the Crystal: When fighting Crystalians, breaking their stance should always be your top objective. Once you've done this once, killing them gets much simpler because they'll take less damage and will stagger from any attacks, meaning they won't be able to hit you in the edge until you run out of stamina. Since they don't have many favorable windows for charged heavy attacks, concentrate on guard counters and jumping heavy attacks. Additionally, you can maneuver past Ringblade or Staff opponents to land backstabs and charge a powerful attack as they stand up.
  • Avoid the Pointy End: For melee builds, the spear variation is typically the most challenging. It can traverse ground quickly enough to be a major irritation in group engagements, has a wide range, and is difficult to backstab. But you can benefit from its simple logic: when you're far enough away, it will always attempt to cover ground with a Hopping Stab, and it will do precisely three or five Hopping Stabs before completing with either an extra-tall Hopping Stab or a Hopping Swing. Count the attacks it makes, keep an eye out for this last one, then jump attack after it. Once you've broken its stance and can stun-lock it to death, move back far enough to induce another series of hopping stabs.


Magic & Ranged strategy


  • Keep Your Focus: Since a Crystalian's ranged attacks are constrained and simple to avoid, going one-on-one with one should be simple for a magic user. However, group confrontations will probably be more challenging. The most crucial thing to do is break their stance, therefore it's a good idea to pick one and concentrate all of your assaults on it rather than switching between them. Before going on to your next victim, it should be simple to kill it once you