In the Elden Ring world, Deathbird is a Field Boss. A Deathbird is a bipedal bird that only appears at night and has arms and a bird skull for a head. They resemble the Death Rite Bird closely, however they are often less powerful than their larger winged cousins and are unable to use magic. Players do not need to fight this boss in order to proceed in Elden Ring; it is an optional boss.

It is supposed that the ashen corpses of the deceased are raked out of their kilns by the Deathbird, graveyard fire guardians.


Location of the Deathbird boss

  • Warmaster's Shack 
  • Weeping Peninsula 
  • Scenic Isle 
  • Capital Outskirts



Combat information of the Deathbird

  • Stance: 120
  • Parryable: No
  • After being stance broken, this boss is quite easy to a critical hit 
  • Undead type
  • Damage, Standard, Pierce, Magic 
  • Inflicts: Death Blight
  • Weak spot: head


Negations of Elden Ring Deathbird

  • Standard: 10
  • Slash: 10
  • Strike: -40
  • Pierce: 35
  • Magic: 20
  • Fire: 20
  • Lightning: 40
  • Holy: -40

The negative numbers represent the percentage of your damage that is thwarted. For instance, 40% of the harm of that type will be dealt and 60% will be canceled if the negation is 60. Greater numbers equals less harm. A negation of 100 implies no damage is transmitted, while a negation of -100 means the enemy sustains double the amount of damage. If the damage is zero, nothing really changes.


Boss Guide


The Best Tips for Deathbird

  • Holy Water Pots can take advantage of its susceptibility to Holy damage as well as the pots' built-in 400% damage bonus. Even at low Faith, undead opponents may deal a ton of damage.
  • Another excellent option for builds other than Faith to deal Holy damage is using the Sacred Blade talent.
  • Continue to walk rather than take Torrent. The reach of a Deathbird's poker is long enough to clip you even as you sprint at top speed on Torrent, and it can leap tremendous distances. Even ranged players should aim to avoid being within its swing radius and maintain their agility to dodge out of the path when it hits.


Melee users

  • Keep your distance from its hind legs, time your dodges, and take a few swings after each strike. Don't assault more than once out of greed.
  • O Holy Fight: Due to Deathbirds' vulnerability to Holy damage and undead Undead status, melee builds with high Faith will have an especially simple time taking them down. It's simple to obtain The Order's Blade sorcery, which will greatly increase the damage your weapon deals to this boss.


Magic and ranged users

  • The fight will be easily defeated by Litany of Proper Death for faith-based magic builds. Deathbirds will deal a staggering 1400% more damage because they are both undead and vulnerable to holy harm. Just keep in mind that the incantation must be timed precisely because it only functions when the Deathbird touches the earth.