In the Elden Ring, Cemetery Shade is a Boss. This article about Cemetary Shade Elden Ring includes boss locations, advice, techniques, and videos on how to easily defeat Cemetary Shades, as well as boss statistics and lore for the Cemetary Shades.


Cemetery Shade is a shadowy, shapeless humanoid with two pointed blades. They can be discovered in a number of catacombs, including the Caelid, Black Knife, and Tombsward Catacombs. Although the Cemetary Shades' true nature is largely unknown, the Mantis Blades they carry seem to indicate that they are insect-infested grave keepers.


Players do not need to fight this boss in order to proceed in Elden Ring because it is an optional boss. They may be weak, but they make up for it with fast bursts of assaults and the ability to strike by phasing in and out. Given that some of their strikes can result in the status effect, it could be wise to pack consumables and/or equip yourself with gear that can reduce the accumulation of hemorrhage. Depending on which one is defeated, Cemetary Shades can drop Lhutel the Headless, the Twinsage Sorcerer Ashes, or the Kindred of Rot Ashes.


Bosses are distinctive and difficult Enemies that can be found across the Lands Between. Bosses of Great Enemies have a chance to drop uncommon Spirit Ashes, weapons, spells, and other items.


Where to find the Cemetery Shade Elden Ring?


  • Tombsward Catacombs 
  • Black Knife Catacombs 
  • Caelid Catacombs


Combat information of the Cemetery Shade Elden Ring


  • Stance: 70
  • Parryable: Yes
  • Is susceptible to a critical hit after having their posture shattered or their parry blocked
  • Damage: Slash, Pierce
  • Inflicts: Hemorrhage




  • Standard: 10
  • Slash: 10
  • Strike: 10
  • Pierce: 35
  • Magic: 0
  • Fire: 0
  • Lightning: 0
  • Holy: -20


The negative numbers represent the percentage of your damage that is thwarted. For instance, 40% of the harm of that type will be dealt and 60% will be canceled if the negation is 60. Greater numbers equals less harm. A negation of 100 implies no damage is transmitted, while a negation of -100 means the enemy sustains double the amount of damage. If the damage is zero, nothing really changes.




The buildup necessary to cause it is indicated by the resistance figures. For instance, to overcome a resistance of 100, you must inflict 100 points of the specified amount. Keep in mind that these decrease over time and rise each time the effect acts.


Boss guide of the Cemetery Shade Elden Ring


Great tips for Cemetery Shade


  • To make sure you have enough time to utilize your Spirit Calling Bell before entering the boss arena, use Opaline Bubbletear before going in.
  • It can easily avoid slower sorceries, so use the Swift Glintstone Shard Spell to attack it.
  • Bring stitching pills to stop bleeding.


Melee users


  • Blitz it Down: The health of Cemetery Shade is quite low. A combat in which you simply trade blows until one of you passes away will definitely work in your favor if you have the damage output and the stamina to withstand a few blows.
  • Defensive Maneuvers: You should use a shield with 100% physical negation if you wish to play conservatively. Block its blows and then guard counters to deal damage and deplete its Stance. Its assaults can also be parried, but timing is a challenge because they arrive quickly one after the other. Be prepared to eat a Stanching Bolus because it can still cause Hemorrhage through a shield.


Magic and ranged users


  • Quick Attacks: When utilizing a ranged weapon skill like the Mighty Shot or with a slow cast time, Cemetery Shade can move fast around the arena, making it difficult to target. As long as you escape its projectile assaults, quick-casting spells like Swift Glintstone Shard can be useful.
  • Greatbows Barrage: Cemetery Shade will be brought to the ground if a Greatbow hit it. By firing immediately after it teleports, you can make sure that it does. You'll have enough time once you're standing again to nock another arrow and continue.